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Never to fly again
boeing 747

Never to fly again

The sky was clear
The sun was shining
A dazzling morning!
Everything was perfect
No fear of any turbulence
The pilot was in relaxed mood
Navigating me in his full confidence.
I was in a maiden flight,
From New York to London
Feeling proud to be
A Queen in the sky!
Then so many winters passed
With hot summer and lovely springs
I flew over continents, great seas
And long deserts.
No untoward incident occurred
Except for a few doomed flights
Killing all on board
No one to survive!
People still loved me
Calling me great
being widebodied-
charming JUMBO-JET!
My 50th anniversary was celebrated
With grand buzz and band
Internet was yet to evolve
No facebook or twitter
To post comment ….
But I pushed all the boundaries
By flying high-
Across the territories
Bringing a revolution
In the history of mankind.
Then one day
More speedy, fuel-efficient
Aircraft came to limelight
Avowing the end of my golden time.
I was banished to the boneyard
In California’s Victorville!
Now grave silence all around,
No more life in my once dancing deck
Now it’s a broken-heart legacy-
The legacy of Boeing747!
Never to fly again
Like a bird uncaged!
(Note: It really pained my heart as I witnessed airlines all over the world retiring Boeing 747 and sending them to the aircraft graveyard (boneyard). I had the opportunity to travel by Jumbo jet Boeing 747, they were really amazing. I wish the Boeing company although now passing through a great financial blow with their Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft would one day re-designed the Boeing 747 and call them back from retirement! –Prof. M Zahidul Haque, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka-1207. E- mail: [email protected])