Oli turns to EC to stop arrest of opposition activists

Oli turns to EC to stop arrest of opposition activists


President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Oli Ahmed on Thursday sought the intervention of the Election Commission (EC) in stopping the arrest and harassment of opposition leaders and activists for the sake of a credible election.

“Even after the announcement of the election schedule, many BNP leaders and activists were arrested and taken on remand over the last few days. But, the Election Commission is playing a silent spectator’s role,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference at a Banani hotel, he further said, “We think it may hamper the national election. We want the Election Commission to immediately interfere in the matter.”Oli, also the chief coordinator of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, alleged that the government is trying to influence the election results by resorting to various ‘evil designs’.

He said the government appointed many retired secretaries as advisers on the plea of looking after various development projects to influence the election results. “The Commission should immediately cancel such appointments, and thus reflect the hopes and aspirations of people.”

The LDP chief said people’s backs are now pushed against the wall while the country’s economy may collapse anytime for lack of god governance, the rule of law and due to wrong polices and politicisation. To get rid of the current situation, he said, people irrespective of their party, opinion and religion must get united and establish their voting rights.

source: UNB


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