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Pilu Khan bringing his first music album

Pilu Khan bringing his first music album

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Pilu Khan, a famous music composer and director from the 70s has finished his first album as a singer. Titled ‘Tomra Bhalo Acho To’ the album contains eight songs. With lyrics from Shahid Mahmud Jangi, Pilu Khan himself has composed music of the album. Three of the songs are duets with Samina Chowdhury, while another one is a duet with Fahmida Nabi. The rest of the four tracks contain solely Pilu’s voice, for the listeners. Three of these solo tracks have already been released on the YouTube channel of Bangladhol marking the Eid-ul-Azha.
The released songs are- Amar Golpo, Sob Katha and Tomra Bhalo Acho To. Pilu Khan along with Shahid Mahmud Jangi has worked for the last 12 years to produce the album. Music of seven songs of the album has been arranged by Suman Kalyan while Ibrar Tipu has arranged the last song.
Although Pilu Khan has been involved with the music industry for more than 50 years, he has never recorded a solo album till now. In 1972, when he was just 11 years old, he made his debut by performing on stage. On the concerts of 70’s, he regularly played drums. Then he joined ‘Souls’, a legendary music band, in the late 70’s. Band Renaissance was founded in 1985 and Pilu has been involved with it ever since. Since then he has been doing music with the band till now. But he has never made any single album except the one on which he is working now.
Pilu Khan got the inspiration of making the album ‘Tomra Bhalo Acho Toh’ from Shahid Mahmud Jangi. Pilu has been residing in a different country since the very beginning of production works for the album, still the two collaborated in breaks, to finally forth the album. Pilu Khan thinks that he is chiefly a music composer and has only sung out of necessity in the past. Thus it was primarily Shahid Mahmud’s motivations that finally persuaded him to bring out his own solo album.
Shahid Mahmud Jangi recalls that some of the timeless Bangladeshi songs, written by him were composed by Pilu Khan. The list includes Shomoy Jeno Kate Na and more. The aristocratic music of Pilu Khan was necessary for his second only album as the singular lyricist. Previously, Shahid Mahmud Jangi worked only on one album as the only lyricist of the album. It was Samina Chowdhury’s solo album ‘Ei Bujhi Tumi Ele.’ He also wrote Ayub Bachchu’s first song ‘Harano Bikele Golpo’ among other hits.