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Playground crisis acute in Rajshahi

Playground crisis acute in Rajshahi

Sakib Al Hasan
Rajshahi, March 3 – The crisis of Play-ground has been severe to the sports fan citizens of Rajshahi. Most of the play-grounds of the city are in unrepaired and unfavorable to sports condition where some of are busy with observing various program.The only one favorable to sports play-ground of the city Muktijodda Stadium is always busy with in observing national days and various program and functions. As a result, the District Sports Association have to face a barrier and can’t arrange any sports tournament.
Many potential youths can’t develop their talents in sports and deprivation of this scope it leads them to the drug-addiction.
In rare some youths are getting the opportunity but most of the youths are in backwards situation in the field sports. District women Sports Complex has no activity in developing the women practice in sports sector even the playground of the complex they are not in use for them and it remains them backward situation.
It has been found in the field inspection of this reporter; that the Divisional Stadium of Rajshahi always remains in blank expect one or two premier leagues are held in the year. Every play ground was found in uncongenial and untidy. Only collector playground and Railway play-ground were found worth of sport’s practice. Trainings of various sports are held in these fields.
Collector Play ground is always busy with the Hockey and Cricket training organized by Boikali Foundation. But two months long trade fair interrupts to their professional activity and players have to pass leisure period for the two months.
General secretary of Boikali Foundation Raisuddin Babu alleges that, there are huge potentiality in the field of sports in Rajshahi but the crisis of playground is playing a bar in this case and boys, girls and youth are losing their interest and attention from the sports. All play ground is busy with in various occasions and the condition of playground always in dirty. On the other, in rainy season it is not possible to arrange any training on sports.
He also alleges that, girls and women are seriously being deprived from the opportunity of expressing their talents in sports.
In divisional stadium of Rajshahi, four tiny play grounds in four corner but two corner nearly to play sport and two corner is totally inapt to play as no repair has been done to those corner.
Akbar, a citizen of Bilsmial area of the city said, on the initiative of local people one corner are made favorable to play where football practice is occurred. A training camp has been made in the stadium for the cricket in association with a company in also initiative of the local peoples.
It has been found in the Divisional Women Sports Complex of Rajshahi that, from dawn to dusk local people’s sports and training occurred but no sports for women.
Sumon hossen, a local of the city said, only local peoples keep the playground fit unless it remains untidy.
Besides, in only Rajshahi College play-ground and Shah-Makdum Madrasah playground the sports practice is seen.
Rafius Shams Paddy, general secretary of District Sports Association of Rajshahi said, the favorable atmosphere is unavailable only for lack of playground repair as and many youths are inclining to the drug addiction.