Sunday , January 26 2020
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‘Pygopagus’ twins successfully separated in Dhaka

‘Pygopagus’ twins successfully separated in Dhaka

Dhaka – Conjoined twins–Tofa and Tahura–have successfully been separated by a group of expert physicians at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on Tuesday.A team of 16-doctors conducted the surgery for about seven and half an hours and separated the two babies who were joined from back to below their waist and shared single anus, said doctors who performed the operation.
The two babies from Gaibandha were said to have been doing well after the surgery began from 9:40 am at the DMCH operation theatre on the 2nd floor.
“We have successfully completed the surgery on the conjoined babies. They have been kept in the post operative ward. Both the children regained their consensuses,” said Prof Shahnoor Islam after completing the operation.
Briefing reporters, she said both the children were found moving their hands and legs and crying.
Replying to a question, the doctor, however, said that they cannot say whether the 10-month old twins are free from danger.
Prof Shahnoor, an associate professor of paediatrics surgery unit of the DMCH, said they have to go for three more surgeries at the anus and uterus of the babies.
The surgery of rare pattern of ‘Pygopagus’ twins was carried out first in Bangladesh, said the physicians.
The surgery began at about 9:30 am and continued till 5:15 pm. After separating the twins at around 2:15pmm they were treated separately in two separate OTs, according to doctors.
Dr Ashraful Haque Kajal, head of the pediatric department of DMCH, said they have separated spinal cords, anus and uterus of the two babies.
“We were in doubt whether any of the babies get hurt at spinal cord during the operation but we have done it successfully,” he said.
Physicians Rajiul Hassan, SM Shafiqul Alam, Asit Chandra Sarkar, Ashraful Haque, Abdul Hanif and Kaniz Hasina, among others, took part in the surgery.
The twins were admitted to the DMCH on July 15. They are daughters of Shahida and Raju Mia of Ganbabdha district. They have another 5-year old boy. – Staff Reporter