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RU teacher gets significant successes on mushroom research

RU teacher gets significant successes on mushroom research

Rajshahi-Dr. Ahmed Imtiaj, an associate professor of Botany Department, Rajshahi University (RU) has received a significant success in his research on the field of Mushroom cultivation. Addressing about the identity of Mushroom, he said Mushroom nutrition in food and medicine as a precious tonic.
Importance of Mushroom, he mentioned presently food supply is a big challenge in the world and Bangladesh as well. To face such challenge the supply of sugar-rich diet is not enough. Rather, a balanced diet is required that to be really considered as a source of essentials nutrients. In particular food item sugars, as well as all other components have to be.
Mushroom`s may be the desired ideal food. Because, sugar, protein, vitamins, minerals, and various essential food and medicinal material lies in Mushroom which is highly effective and tolerable for our body. This nutritional value is the middle of vegetables and meat. So the Mushroom`s called as vegetable protein cum meat of poor in our country.
He informed, there is a great possibility to build Mushroom based agriculture and industry that is effective to enhance the socio-economic situation in Bangladesh. Because, Bangladesh`s agro climate and its peoples living style are very suitable for Mushroom cultivation.
This does not require agricultural land to cultivate, merely as a small bedroom in the house enough. Due to light work and at home, women, children, students, and old men even anybody can take part in this agriculture.
The increasing use of chemicals in agriculture is pushing the environment under threat increasingly. But no chemicals used in Mushroom cultivation so that this is absolutely environment-friendly agriculture. Even the subtract materials of Mushroom cultivation can be used as fertilizer in other agricultural purposes, he added.
Dr. Imtiaj has identified two major problems for the Mushroom`s cultivators in our country including lack of seeds and no significant marketplace or buyer. Despite of various constraints, there is possible to be build a research based Mushroom agriculture and industry in the country forthcoming days, if follows some planes for 5-10 years durable.
He called on to the country`s marginal cultivators to use the “Mushtech” to marketing the Mushroom`s diets.
Due to Mushroom`s research he has been visited about fifteen countries including Korea, Japan, USA as a expert to join different workshop, seminar and presentation.
Even he wrote a book of “Mushroom Biology” which is enlisted as text in different varsities of the country.-RU Correspondent