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Ruling party becomes isolated from people: Sultana Kamal
Sultana kamal

Ruling party becomes isolated from people: Sultana Kamal

Dhaka, Sept 13 – Trustee board chairman of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), Sultana Kamal on Friday said that road crashes in the country kill more people than any epidemic. The former advisor to the caretaker government of Bangladesh also said, the ruling party Awami League, once a pro-people party, has gradually become isolated from people.
The former Executive Director of Ain o Salish Kendra said these while addressing a discussion on road safety arranged by Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity at the Jatiya Press Club.
Marking that road accident is increasing alarmingly due to the mismanagement of the government and the transport owners, she said, the road accidents are on the rise due to the absence of good governance and accountability of the concerned authorities.
“If someone goes outside home, family members have to wait with uncertainty whether he or she will come back alive. Why do we have to pass through such uncertainty?” she raised the question.
Advocate Sultana Kamal said, “At present, the tendency of our society is to blame each other. The road is not good, traffic police take bribes, I hear of many more problems. But the point is, why would passengers suffer because of these?”
Sultana kamal also said, “None of us does our work. The responsibility and the blame are always on the other’s neck. I do not try to find out what causes the accident. Those who are in a responsible position are getting away with it. All this is possible due to the lack of good governance.
Sultana Kamal said, “The question is now whether women can get to a place without being raped or harass or not. Who will take responsibility for women’s safety now? We all give the responsibility to others. As if we own self has no responsibility.”
Marking ruling party Awami League, she said, “The party gradually has disintegrated from general people. The Awami League has failed to create a civic sense among the citizens. So, we have turned into subjects of the state.
At the time, Member of Parliament Mainuddin Khan Badal said, “VIPs violate the most rules. Those who have been given the responsibility to enforce the law are more likely to violate the law. It is important to improve the footpath of Dhaka City and make it suitable for people walking.”- Staff Reporter