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Selim’s third film brings back Chanchal along with Siam

Selim’s third film brings back Chanchal along with Siam

Cultural Correspondent
Noted filmmaker Giasuddin Selim is about to start with his third film. Titled ‘Pap-punna’ shooting of the film would start after Eid-ul-Azha. Selim has already finished the screenplay and script by himself while two lead male actors have also been confirmed. Chanchal Chowdhury will play the lead role while Siam Ahmed would be seen as the male supporting actor. The lead actress would be a debutant. Although she remains to be an unfamiliar face sources claim that she has appeared recently in a popular TV commercial. According to Selim, the details will be revealed officially soon.
The story of Pap-punna is about the basic urges dormant within all human beings. According Selim the plot is different from his earlier two films. His first two films primarily focused on superstitions, malpractices in rural societies of the country that torment the lives of individuals.
Compared to his earlier ones Selim’s upcoming film seems to be focusing on a modernist or post-modernist take. However, Selim has clarified that he has always made commercial films that suit the taste of all kinds of audiences. Though Pap-punna has a different focus, it will be no different from this approach.
Celebrated actor Chanchal is returning to Selim’s world of films after a decade through Pap-punna. The star of Aynabazi, Debi, claims that Selim’s first film Monpura is the very one that first brought him recognition. Chanchal has confirmed that now after a long he has finally reached an agreement to act in another film under Selim.
Selim scored high with his very first film ‘Monpura.’ Released in 2009 the film won audience’s heart and also brought him box-office success. His second only film till date, ‘Swapnajal’ released in 2018 though could not move audiences that much, was appreciated nonetheless for its filming style.