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Soil, fertilizer management technology promotion stressed

Soil, fertilizer management technology promotion stressed

Speakers at a discussion in Rajshahi have underscored the need for collective efforts of all authorities concerned for substantial and sustainable promotion of soil and fertilizer management technology for protecting the soil productivity from further degradation.They mentioned that fertilizer is a key input in crop production and its appropriate use can return optimal yields and higher profits to the farmer.Conversely, inappropriate use leads not only to lower productivity but also the deterioration of soil health. The supply and availability of quality fertilizer on the farmer’s doorstep, coupled with its balanced usage and application, is a critical issue in sustaining crop productivity, they added.The observations came at a daylong seminar styled “Aspects of Soil and Fertilizer Management Technology” held at a community center yesterday. Fertilizer Management Division of Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) organized the seminar focusing on role of fertilizer to crop production and existing fertilizer distribution system.During his keynote presentation, Nur Muhammad Mondal, Joint Director (Fertilizer) of BADC, said soil fertility in the region has gradually been decreasing with intensified crop production, high-yielding crop varieties and an over-dependency on chemical inputs.During the last couple of decades, food grain production as considerably increased due to substantial intensification of cropping, introduction of high yielding varieties and expansion of irrigated area and use of chemical fertilizers.However, this has also led to widespread soil fertility depletion caused by fertilizer nutrient imbalance and serious nutrient gap between plant use and fertilizer application and mining out scarce native soil nutrients to support increases in yields of food crops.He said optimum level of organic matter is a must for building and maintaining positive soil properties and normal soil ecosystem that supports plant growth.
It is also imperative for creating a positive soil environment from which plants can uptake nutrients from applied chemical fertilizers as it acts as the storehouse of nutrient elements and produce all plant nutrient elements both macro and micro in environmental way.He says improved soil health will ultimately lead to sustainable growth in output and increased yields and lower production costs and so increased profitability.The major constraints in the fertilizer sector are: imbalanced use of fertilizer resulting in reduced profitability and an impediment to growth, weaknesses in the industry-wide regulatory framework, weaknesses pertaining to the availability of quality fertilizers and low awareness of their correct usage.Nur Muhammad added that integrated nutrient management has become an urgent need for sustaining crop productivity and improvement of soil fertility through overcoming the constraints in the region.Additional Director of Department of Agriculture Extension Fazlur Rahman and Joint Director (Seed Distribution) of BADC Arif Hossain Khan also spoke. -BSS, Rajshahi