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Stress tolerant paddy farming becomes popular in Bangladesh

Stress tolerant paddy farming becomes popular in Bangladesh

Cultivation of stress tolerant paddies has become popular among
farmers in Bangladesh after repeated successes achieved in recent
The country has become successful in expanding stress tolerant paddy
seed multiplication programme to spread its nationwide cultivation
during the past three years increasing.
According to concerned experts, cultivation of flood, drought and
saline-tolerant paddies has expanded and become popular after repeated
successes in farming and production despite in different regions.
Sustainable Rice Seed Production and Delivery System in Southern
Bangladesh and Cereal Systems Initiative in South Asia
(SRSPDS-CSISA-BD) projects are implementing the programme under Stress
Tolerant Rice for Poor Farmers in Africa and South Asia (STRASA)
The USAID and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) are extending
assistances through International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in
distributing seeds among farmers for countrywide cultivation of these
paddies through seed multiplication.
Senior Specialist-Agricultural Development of SRSPDS-IRRI Project
Saidul Islam said 2,300 tonnes of different stress tolerant paddy
seeds were distributed during this Aman season among 7,66,900 farmers
in stress prone areas to cover 92,032 hectares land.
Of them, 876.8 tonnes seeds of saline tolerant variety BRRI dhan47 and
BINA dhan8 were distributed among farmers in the country’s saline
prone southern districts to produce 79,636 tonnes seeds from 35,072
hectares land.
In addition to this, 1,359.3 tonnes seeds of flood tolerant variety
paddies like BRRI dhan51, BRRI dhan52, BINA 11, and BINA 12, drought
tolerant varieties like BRRI dhan56 and BRRI dhan57 were distributed
among farmers this season.
Besides, 64.7 tonnes seeds of moderately flood, drought and
drought-saline tolerant variety paddy seeds have also been distributed
among farmers.
In addition, over 2,50,000 farmers have cultivated these stress
tolerant paddies on 1,92,032 hectares land using their own seeds
during the last Aman season in all 64 districts across the country.
The farmers are expected to produce 13,05,440 tonnes of stress
tolerant paddy seeds this season as they have cultivated those on
2,84,064 hectares with an estimated average yield rate of 4.42 tonnes
paddy seeds per hectare.
“Transplantation of seedlings has already completed and farmers are
taking care of the growing plants at tillering stages now,” said
Country Manager of BMGF-STRASA- SRSPDS Projects of IRRI in Bangladesh
Dr M A Bari.
“The number of farmers is increasing every year to cultivate stress
tolerant paddies in all regions of the country using the distributed
seeds and their own seed stocks after getting repeated bumper
productions in recent years,” he added.
Farmers said they have completed transplantation of flood tolerant
paddy seedling this time after getting excellent yield last year
despite recent submergence for 10-17 days.
Talking to BSS, Regional Project Coordinator of STRASA-IRRI and Team
Leader of USAID-SRSPDS Projects of IRRI Dr US Singh said Bangladesh
has achieved laudable success in farming different stress tolerant
variety paddies in all regions. –BSS, Rangpur