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Agroecology critical to transformation of food systems

Ensuring the sustainability, security, and equity of our food systems is one of the most defining issues of our time. The predominant industrial food system is too dependent on fossil fuels and non-renewable inputs that result in pollution and environmental damage. Transformative change is needed. Around the world myriad people and organizations are working toward sustainable food systems and seeking ... Read More »

Agroecology and organic farming can drive sustainability in agriculture

Most quarters agree that agriculture and food systems urgently need to change to make progress on several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while staying within planetary boundaries. However, two narratives dominate the discussion: incremental steps to improve efficiency in conventional agriculture while reducing negative externalities, versus transformative redesign of farming systems based on agroecological principles. The SDGs offer an opportunity to ... Read More »

Agroecology has full potential for sustainable food systems

Alarming rates of food insecurity and malnutrition persist alongside the growing crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. Food systems are at a critical juncture and a dramatic transition to agroecology is urgently needed. Agroecology’s profile in the national and international arena, and amongst researchers, farmers, and movements are growing. Read More »

Potential of agroecology to transform global food system

Agroecology is a growing social movement which encourages peer-to-peer exchanges of information between farmers, the chief goal being to develop locally adapted solutions for peasant farmers that work with the available resources. A brochure on agroecology features its many successes as a roadmap for a socially and ecologically sustainable transformation of agriculture details on this.  Read More »

How agroecology can ensure dietary diversity, high nutrition

Around the world, there is a major shift in dietary patterns underway towards uniformity. This ‘global dietary transition’ phenomenon is historically unprecedented and is occurring fastest in the urban areas of developing countries. About 3 billion people currently have low-quality diets based on a small number of plant and animal species. Their increasingly uniform diets either lack sufficient calories, minerals ... Read More »