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Biodiversity & Agriculture: Nature’s Matrix & Conservation

By Angus Wright, Ivette Perfecto and John Vandermeer OAKLAND, California, Feb 18 2020 (IPS) – When we were children, a long auto trip would require a stop every hour or so to clean the windshield of the insects that had been intercepted. Today’s windshields are spared this indignity—a convenience for motorists but a terrifying signpost of danger for the well ... Read More »

India’s unique water purifying wetland could soon be extinct

By Manipadma Jena KOLKATA, India, Jan 3, 2020 (IPS) – Ramkumar Mondal’s farm is awash in a brilliant yellow mustard bloom. A flock of grey cranes peck for food amidst the shallow watergrass. But Mondal’s fishpond digs in there like a do-or-die last sentinel as nearby high-rise buildings, a symbol of development and encroachment, menacingly tower over the fishpond, permanently ... Read More »

Nature losses threaten emerging economies

Jan 24 2020 (IPS) – More than half of worldwide GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature, putting biodiversity loss among the top five risks to the global economy, according to a report presented at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Read More »

Loss of biodiversity causes yield reduction

Over the past half-century, the need to feed a growing world population has led to markedly expanded and intensified agricultural production. This transformation has led to the degradation of the global environment. The loss of biodiversity can disrupt key ecosystem services to agriculture, such as crop pollination and biological pest control, which underpin the final provisioning service of crop production. Read More »

Wild fevervine herb discovered in N. China

A survey group has found a large cluster of wild Paederia scandens (Chinese fevervine) in north China’s Hebei Province during a field investigation for the fourth national survey on Chinese materia medica resources. The wild fevervine community, concentrating with a belt shape in Guxin Township of Shexian County, spans 1 km with a maximum width of 4 meters, according to ... Read More »

Preserving biodiversity vital to reverse tide of climate change

The food people eat around the world is becoming “alarmingly homogenous” according to UN data, even though access to a wide variety of nutritious food has never been greater. That warning comes as the world marks the International Day for Biological Diversity on Wednesday, which this year highlights the impact of environmental neglect on food security and public health. Biodiversity ... Read More »

Conservation of Sikkim biodiversity needs re-strategising: study

by T. V. Padma on 6 May 2019 • Protected areas in the Himalayan region in India need to be expanded to conserve endemic Himalayan species and minimise the impact of climate change, a new study has shown. • Creating new protected areas and extending boundaries of existing ones, in addition to expanding the protected area network, are suggested to ... Read More »

Google celebrates Earth Day 2019 with Doodle

Dhaka, Apr 22 – Google has created a Doodle featuring fun facts about six fascinating creatures to celebrate Earth Day 2019. On the Google search page, a series of animations introduce different unique and special birds and animals. The doodle shows ‘Wandering Albatross’ that has the widest wingspan in the world, next up is a ‘Coastal Redwood’ tree, which is ... Read More »

At COP24, nations agree to bring Paris climate deal to life

COP24 closing plenary meeting in Katowice, Poland, 16 December 2018. Katowice, 15 December 2018 – After two weeks of crunch negotiations – with overtime – the almost 200 parties gathered in Katowice, Poland, for the United Nations COP24 two-week climate change conference, adopted on Saturday a “robust” set of implementing guidelines for the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, aimed at keeping ... Read More »

Finnish pilot develops new solution for sustainable forestry

The new unique mobile application puts forest Big Data to more efficient use The whole of Europe is feverishly looking for new ways to use farm, forest and fishery resources more responsibly and sustainably and to promote the production of the best possible raw materials in order to increase the availability of food, energy and biomaterials. Read More »

Biodiversity, GMOs, Gene Drives and the Militarised Mind

A recent report from the National Academy of Science of The United States, titled Gene Drives on the Horizon : Advancing Science, Navigating Uncertainty, and Aligning Research with Public Values”, warns:“One possible goal of release of a gene-drive modified organism is to cause the extinction of the target species or a drastic reduction in its abundance.”Gene Drives have been called ... Read More »

Ban on fishing in Kaptai Lake from May 12

Rangamati Correspondent Rangamati district administration has imposed a ban on fishing for three months in the Kaptai Lake from May 12 midnight to ensure boosting fish population in the lake. The ban is enforced to protect mother fishes from the hands of unscrupulous fishermen to ensure safe breeding and boosting fish production in the lake, said additional deputy commissioner Mostafa ... Read More »

Enemy’ of wheat detected

A team of Bangladeshi and British scientists have detected the fungi responsible for the blast disease that afflicts wheat. The team, led by Prof Tofazzal Hossain of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, and Prof Sophien Kamoun of the UK, shared their findings in a public statement yesterday midnight while the results of their study will be published in a ... Read More »

Monkey hunting could drive these species extinct

Hunting on Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Island threatens red colobus monkeys, which hover on the brink of extinction. It’s hard to ignore a red colobus monkey in the forests of Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Island, off the coast of Cameroon. The shaggy, orange-and-maroon-hued primates bark and squawk like barnyard animals. Top notch communications skills, perhaps, but their noise-making has also played a ... Read More »

Agroecology in Africa addresses climate change, hunger, poverty

The Oakland Institute today released 33 case studies that shed light on the tremendous success of agroecological agriculture across the African continent in the face of climate change, hunger, and poverty. “Released just two weeks ahead of the COP21 Conference in Paris, these case studies provide irrefutable facts and figures on how agricultural transformation-respectful of the farmers and the environment-can ... Read More »

Vague results in harmonised plant variety protection questioned

Sangeeta Shashikant (London): A major issue at the upcoming meetings of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) will be whether there is a need for a centralized harmonized mechanism for the filing, examination and administration of applications for plant variety protection (PVP). UPOV’s main rule-making body, the Consultative Committee (CC) will be meeting on ... Read More »