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Poor feeding practices cause childhood malnutrition

Limited dietary diversity and poor feeding practices are the main causes for childhood malnutrition. “Lack of adequate knowledge about food values amid the people is leading to malnutrition among the children,” speakers told a press conference held atthe District Civil Surgeon Office on the occasion of National Nutrition Week. Civil Surgeon Dr Md Khalilur Rahman addressed the press conference as ... Read More »

Nigeria’s twin town ponders cause of multiple births

In a dusty school playground in southwest Nigeria, the rows of children lined up to return to their classrooms are dotted with the faces of identical twins. Sights like this can be seen everywhere in Igbo Ora, where a banner welcomes visitors to the “twins capital of the world”. Twins are common in the Yoruba ethnic group that dominates this ... Read More »

Arsenic-laced water may cause more young deaths

Chronic exposure to higher arsenic concentration through drinking water may cause more deaths in young adults in a number of different diseases, says a new study. It reveals the different diseases include cardio-vascular disease (related to the heart), cerebro-vascular disease (related to the brain) and respiratory disease (related to the lungs) can be the consequences of the toxic effects of ... Read More »

MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism

A study following more than 650,000 Danish children for over a decade has led researchers to the same conclusion as previous efforts: the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine does not increase a child’s risk of autism. The study, which followed all Danish children born between 1999 and 2010 until 2013, compared the number of vaccinated and unvaccinated kids who were ... Read More »