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People not in safety net count need to be seen and supported

Mostafa Kamal Majumder As the duration of the coronavirus lockdown is in the fourth week in Bangladesh beginning on March 26, new categories of people vulnerable to hunger are emerging. They are normally not the people to ask for support from the society or the government to feed them. With economic activities coming to a halt, scope of earning livelihood ... Read More »

A great equaliser

by Branko Milanovic @BrankoMilan Branko Milanovic writes that the coronavirus is reminding some of the world’s privileged what it is like to experience its daily stigmas. Read More »

Fridays for Keynesianism

Peter Bofinger Keynes recognised the key role of the financial system in modern capitalist economies and Peter Bofinger argues the 2008 crisis must bring the demise of neoclassical economics—which still doesn’t. Read More »

Brexit: The British Government starts to recognise reality

Brendan Donnelly Michael Gove’s acknowledgement that trade between the UK and the EU after 1st January 2021 will be far from frictionless is a watershed in the Brexit process. The claim that Brexit would not significantly impinge upon British trade with the European Union was central to the 2016 Leave campaign. So central indeed that government ministers spent the three ... Read More »

The world has lost its compass

By Roberto Savio Rome, Jun 3 2019 (IPS) – The terrible feeling I had on waking up and seeing the Italian voting results at the recent European elections was that my country was suddenly full of strangers. How could the majority of Italians reconfirm a government which has been the most inefficient in history, quarrelling on everything every single day ... Read More »

Elites want more refugees: Why?

Robert J. Burrowes There is much being written about the refugee crisis in Europe at the moment but none of what I have read explains why the problem is occurring and what will need to be done for the problem to be addressed. Refugees are just one symptom of a deeper crisis. Moreover, like other symptoms of this deeper crisis, ... Read More »

Economic destabilisation, rigging of Shanghai Stock Market?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky he dramatic collapse of the Shanghai stock exchange has been presented to public opinion as the result of a spontaneous ‘market mechanism’, triggered by weaknesses in China’s economy. The Western media consensus in chorus (WSJ, Bloomberg, Financial Times) portend that Chinese stocks tumbled due to ‘uncertainty’ in response to recent data ‘suggesting a downturn in the ... Read More »

Knowing less is equally alarming

Sudhirendar Sharma This book is for those who not only think that climate change is an urgent problem, but also agree that getting the world off fossil fuels is difficult. If you support either of these two positions, this book should be compulsory reading for you. Because if you agree only with the ‘first’ position, then you are fooling yourself ... Read More »

15 organisations defending land rights

Danielle Nierenberg The increasing trend of international land grabbing—when governments and private firms invest in or purchase large tracts of land in other countries for the purpose of agricultural production and export—can have serious environmental and social consequences. Investors claim that land grabs can help alleviate the world food crisis by tapping into a country’s ‘unused’ agricultural potential, but such ... Read More »

Regional consequences of the Iranian nuclear deal

By Afro-Middle East Centre The agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme concluded this week seems to be an example of the benefits of concerted diplomacy. Once it is ratified by the US Congress and Iranian Supreme National Security Council, the agreement will improve relations between Iran and western countries, and will undoubtedly also have a significant impact on the regional level. ... Read More »

Station 50 of an Indian journalist

S, Gopikrishna Warrier Man had not walked on the moon when I was born. It took another five years for that “giant step for mankind.” I was born a long time ago; a rather long time. In the year I was born India lost its first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. So perhaps my birth led to a leadership change in ... Read More »

Obama’s Pacific trade deal trails behind China’s dev vision

By Nile Bowie Often touted as the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s re-engagement with Asia, a close vote in the US Senate has brought the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a major step closer to becoming law. Facing significant opposition within his own party, the US president has secured fast-track negotiating authority, limiting Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate the contents of the ... Read More »

30 funding resources for sustainable food advocates

Danielle Nierenberg Farmers are the backbone of resilient local and regional food systems, yet many are aging or retiring. The FarmLASTS Project at the University of Vermont estimates that 70 percent of farmland in the United States will change hands over the next two decades. The age of the average U.S. farmer is 58.3 years old, and rural populations are ... Read More »

Most attitudes and beliefs are outcomes of fear

Robert J. Burrowes I routinely come across efforts to change an individual’s attitude, belief and/or value by using education to teach the ‘right’ one. This is most usually intended to lead to a better behavioural outcome, such as someone who is not sexist, racist or violent. I would like to explain why education cannot achieve such a change, except in ... Read More »

Assam scribes demand protection of media persons

By Nava Thakuria The media fraternity of Assam in northeast India has come out to the street demanding the legitimate protection for media persons across the country. Journalists representing both print and television media, while demonstrating their angers against the brutal assaults on media persons in different parts of the country, also raised voices for a national action plan for ... Read More »

Chefs creating change

Danielle Nierenberg Chefs have a unique part to play in making the food system more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and delicious. They connect producers and consumers, understand where food comes from, and know what consumers want. Food Tank is excited to highlight 24 chefs and organizations who are making change everyday in kitchens around the world. Dan Barber, chef at ... Read More »

Effective water governance: Need of the hour

By Ermelinda Dias Water is identified as 3rd largest risk in the World Economic Forum Risk Report, 2015. Water resources are constantly under pressure due to increasing population and changing lifestyles, pollution and overuse. A growing population pressure on finite water resources, coupled with industrialization and urbanization, globalization and trade policies are resulting in increasing demand for water, and in ... Read More »

20 Earth Day superheroes

Danielle Nierenberg April 22nd is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day—an important opportunity to highlight solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. On a planet in which hunger and food waste coexist, where crops feed biofuels or animals despite water and food shortages, and where obesity in one country contrasts starvation in another, solutions and ... Read More »