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Dr Kamal demands judicial probe into Moulvibazar crash

Dhaka, Jun 24 (UNB) – Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Monday demanded a judicial investigation into Upaban Express train crash in Moulvibazar’s Kulaura upazila to unearth the main reason behind it. In a statement, Dr Kamal and his party general secretary Reza Kibria also demanded the government ensure adequate compensation to the relatives of those killed and injured. They ... Read More »

Oikya Front to expand alliance: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, June 6 — Jatiya Oikya Front convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Thursday said that they are working to expand their alliance to intensify their ongoing movement to “restore democracy”. “Our goal is to forge the strong unity of people and other like-minded political parties. We’re working on it,” he said while exchanging greetings with leaders and activists of Gonoforum ... Read More »

Dr Kamal demands Khaleda’s release before eid

Dhaka, June 2 (UNB) – Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain and its general secretary Reza Kibria on Sunday demanded the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and other political prisoners before the Eid-ul-Fitr. In a message on the occasion of eid, they said, “We demand that former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and all other political prisoners be freed before the ... Read More »

Development not possible amid money laundering: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, May 27 (UNB) – Criticising the government for what he said not taking action against those who siphoned off money, Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Monday alleged that the country’s real development is not possible if money laundering is not stopped. “Huge money is being siphoned off abroad from Bangladesh. “It can’t be called development when money ... Read More »

People remaining united can achieve the impossible: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, May 25 – Jatiya Oikya Front top leader Dr Kamal Hossain yesterday called upon all to remain united to establish democracy in the country. “I will urge you to remain united. We will ensure pure democracy, effective democracy and fundamental rights of the people by upholding the Constitution. Insha Allah we will do it,” he said while speaking at ... Read More »

Dr Kamal greets Modi, Amit Shah for election victory

Dhaka, May 24 (UNB) – Congratulating Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the resounding election victory of BJP, Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Friday said his party is keen to work with new Indian government to strengthen the relations between the two nations. In a congratulatory message to Modi, Kamal said, “It’s a great achievement to gain such a ... Read More »

Dr Kamal blames paddy price on Irresponsibility, policy gap

Dhaka, May 22 (UNB) – Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Wednesday alleged that farmers are not getting the fair prices of paddy due to the lack of an agricultural policy and government’s “irresponsibility”. “It’s unimaginable that farmers are being punished for bountiful paddy production. They’re now being forced to set fire to paddy fields for not getting the fair ... Read More »

No space for autocracy in Bangladesh: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, May 13 (UNB) – Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Monday said those who think of giving autocracy a permanent shape in Bangladesh are living in fool’s paradise as people will surely wake up like that of the 60s to resist it. “Autocracy repeatedly tried to take a permanent shape in the country destroying democracy, but no one ... Read More »

Unemployment forces people to migrate risking life: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, May 12 – In the wake of the death of dozens of Bangladeshis in Friday’s boat capsize in the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia, Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Sunday said it is shameful for the nation that people are taking a risky voyage to go abroad for employment. In a statement, he said, “Traveling abroad by Bangladeshis in ... Read More »

Forge national unity against autocracy: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, May 7 (UNB) – Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Tuesday urged people to get united against autocracy and restore healthy politics in the country. “In an autocratic system, the rule of law and freedom of speech are obliterated while the nation’s progress is hampered due to corruption, plundering and politicisation,” he said. Speaking at Gonoforum standing committee’s meeting ... Read More »

Dr Kamal off to Thailand for medical treatment

Dhaka, Apr 8 (UNB) – Jatiya Oikyafront Convener and Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain flew to Thailand on Monday for medical purposes. Dr Kamal along with his wife Hameeda Hossain left Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in a Thai Airway’s flight at 12:30pm, Gonoforum central executive committee member Maj (retd) Afsary Ameen Ahmed told UNB. He said the Oikyafront chief will ... Read More »

Launch united movement to ‘restore’ democracy: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Mar 31 (UNB) – Stating that an impossible thing can be made possible through unity, Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Sunday urged people to launch a united movement to ‘restore’ democracy in the country. “It’s mentioned in the Constitution, signed by Bangabandhu, that the country will be ruled by the representatives of people elected through a neutral ... Read More »

Dr Kamal for national commission to ensure building safety

Dhaka, Mar 29 (UNB) – Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Friday suggested formation of a national commission to find out whether there is any lack of law in ensuring safe construction of high-rise buildings in the country.  “We should form a national commission to assess whether there’s any lack of law in ensuring safety since high-rise buildings are ... Read More »

Dr Kamal slams govt for ‘making economy bankrupt’ with loans

Dhaka, Mar 28 – Jatiya Oikyafront Convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Thursday alleged that the government is making the Bangladesh economy bankrupt by imposing a huge burden of loans on people in the name of develop projects. “The government is carrying out a campaign that the country is witnessing outstanding development but our economists analysing various statistics are saying that ... Read More »

Dr Kamal for united movement to restore people’s rights

Dhaka, Mar 26 (UNB) –Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Tuesday stressed the need for a united movement of people for the restoration of their rights and a democratic governing system. “We’ve been on a movement and we must continue it uniting people to get rid of the current situation of the country and restore people’s rights,” he said. ... Read More »

Be vocal against discrepancy, abuse of religion: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Mar 25 (UNB) – Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Monday urged all to be vocal against discrepancy and the abuse of religion to uphold the achievements of the country’s independence.  “It’s unconstitutional to destroy unity abusing religions. The key achievement of our independence is to ensure equal rights of all. It’s not acceptable in any way to ... Read More »

Free transport sector from political influence: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Mar 23 (UNB) – Gono Forum, led by Dr Kamal Hossain, on Saturday demanded that steps be taken to free the transport sector from political influence and laws be properly enforced to ensure safe roads. The party came up with the demand at a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka. The party also placed a 14-point ... Read More »

Govt apathy behind rise in road fatalities: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Mar 20 – Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Wednesday blamed the government’s apathy for the growing road fatalities in Bangladesh. In a statement, he also said people are being subjected to unnatural deaths on roads every day as the government has failed to take any effective step in this regard. Dr Kamal said students placed some demands ... Read More »

Those sold like cattle are collaborators: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Mar 8 (UNB) – Jatiya Oikya Front convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Friday said those sold like cattle are identified as collaborators. “People’s head can’t be bought unlike the goats and cows. Those sold like cows and goats are known as collaborators,” he said without mentioning anybody’s name at an extended meeting of Dhaka city unit of Gono Forum. ... Read More »

Democracy buried on Dec 30: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Mar 9 – Gono Forum president Dr Kamal Hossain on Saturday alleged that democracy was buried in the country by holding a ‘tainted and so-called’ national election on December 30. Speaking at a meeting of Gono Forum’s presidium members, Dr Kamal, however, hoped that people will surely protect the country from destruction, said a party press release. “The national ... Read More »

Dr Kamal slams govt for loss of lives in Chawkbazar fire

Dhaka – Jatiya Oikyafront Convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Tuesday blamed the government’s irresponsible role for the Chawkbazar fire as it did not take any step in compliance with a High Court order to make the Old Dhaka safe for people after the deadly Nimtoli fire incident in 2010. “After the Nimtoli fire incident nine years ago, the High Court ... Read More »

Dec-30 election was a farce, people own the state: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Feb 22 (UNB) – Claiming that the government staged a ‘farce’ on December 30 in the name of election, Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Friday urged all to be united to take  the country’s ownership back and ensure the voting rights of people.“…this can’t be called an election. This is a farce. There was a ceremony on ... Read More »

People calling what happened on Dec 30 a drama: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Feb 12 – Jatiya Oikyafront leader Dr Kamal Hossain Tuesday said 16 crore people have been deprived of their rights through holding what he said a farcical election on December 30. “December 30 election has deprived the 16 crore people of their rights in violation of the constitution. The people will never accept it,” he said while speaking at ... Read More »

Force govt to work as per constitution: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Feb 3 (UNB) –  Jatiya Oikyafront Convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Sunday urged people to play a careful role during the next two years so that the government discharges its duties as per the constitution as the country is going to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of its independence in 2021. “Certainty there’ll be some problems when there’s any fault ... Read More »

MPs-elect not joining parliament, no tea with PM: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Jan 31 (UNB) – Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Thursday said they have asked their two MPs-elect not to join parliament as per their party’s decision. “We’ve clearly conveyed them (two MPs) our party’s decision of not joining parliament, and they won’t do it,” he said. Dr Kamal came up with the remarks while talking to reporters ... Read More »

Jatiya Oikya Front cent percent united: Dr Kamal

Dhaka, Jan 30 (UNB) – Jatiya Oikyafront convener Dr Kamal Hossain on Wednesday said their alliance is cent percent united with the country’s 16 crore people. He, however, did not make any comment whether his party Gonoforum’s two MPs–elect will join parliament or not. “Our Jatiya Oikyafront is cent percent united. Our unity is forged with the country’s 16 crore ... Read More »