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Stopping Food Waste During COVID-19, One Grant At a Time

Danielle Nierenberg When the COVID-19 pandemic caused restaurants and creameries to shut down, goat farmers Blake and Andrew Place found themselves dumping 95 percent of their daily milk production because they couldn’t sell it. But with a grant from the ReFED COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund, an organization called FarmLink was able to connect the Places’ goat farm with community ... Read More »

Things you must avoid right after eating meal

Consumption of a balanced diet is the key to health. Besides this, drinking adequate water, taking shower, getting proper sleep, doing regular work outs are essential to keep your body sound, functional, and healthy. However, sometimes these actions can defer your body to get the best out of your food and make your sick. Read More »

Digital agri: Zimbabwe farmers gain but mobile money costly

By Tonderayi Mukeredzi HARARE, May 27 2020 (IPS) – Shurugwi communal farmer, Elizabeth Siyapi (57) can no longer be scammed by unscrupulous middlemen to sell her crops cheaply. Nowadays, before she takes her produce to the market she scours her mobile phone, which has become an essential digital agriculture data bank, for the best prices on the market. “When my ... Read More »

Innovation is an imperative for sustainable food systems

By Zoltán Kálmán ROME, May 26 2020 (IPS) – Hunger and food insecurity continue to rise. The official 2019 statistics refer to 821 million people suffering from hunger all over the world. According to the recently launched Global Report on Food Crises, there are further 135 million people facing crisis levels of hunger or worse. WFP estimates that due to ... Read More »

Coronavirus makes meat dearer in Dhaka

Supply chain disruption and temporary closure of businesses amid a government-announced ‘holiday’ to curb coronavirus transmission have pushed up meat prices by as much as Tk 250/kg in Dhaka. Last week, a kg beef cost Tk 600-630, mutton Tk 900-1,000 and boiler Tk 180-450 – much higher than prices set by Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). The city corporation set ... Read More »

How to shop and disinfect groceries safely during pandemic

Though the government is advising citizens to stay at home to prevent the coronavirus contagion, you have to step outside home sometimes to collect food for staying alive. You can unintentionally invite the life-threatening coronavirus at your home while shopping or processing groceries if necessary protective and sanitization measures are not taken. Read More »

Mango starts coming in Rajshahi markets

RAJSHAHI, May 15: : Juicy and delicious fruit Mango has started appearing in the markets of Rajshahi city and its adjacent areas as its harvesting began since  Friday  morning abiding by the instruction of local administration amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some indigenous varieties have appeared in the markets as farmers and traders have started harvesting mangoes since this morning following ... Read More »

’64 pc children of marginal groups face food crisis’

At least 64 percent children from marginalised groups and their families are currently facing severe food crisis amid Bangladesh’s general holiday to contain the spread of coronavirus, Save the Children said Tuesday. The data were collected over phone from 121 children aged between 10-18 in urban slums, tea gardens and disadvantaged rural areas, the organisation said in a press release. ... Read More »

34 movies to take you inside global food system from home

Danielle Nierenberg One of the most powerful ways to learn about the food system is through those on the front lines. And as we shelter at home during this pandemic, documentaries can help transport us directly to farms, processing facilities, grocery stores, corporate boardrooms, and protest marches across the food chain. Read More »

A step forward in fighting hunger

– Dr Bandar Hajjar The title seems both mysterious and exciting! To cut the reader’s confusion short, the title is related to the Saudi Project for the Utilization of Hajj Meat. It simply means that, last year, the project was able to slaughter about a million livestock in 84 hours and distributed them to deserving beneficiaries in 27 countries of ... Read More »

Iftar takeaway or home delivery offer at Amari Dhaka

Dhaka – Considering the current pandemic –Covid-19, Amari Dhaka has come up with with some exclusive take away or home delivery set and a la carte menus; the dishes are meticulously selected and prepared considering the long fasting days so that they provide ample nutrition during Iftar followed by dinner while preserving mouth-watering taste. Read More »

BSTI asked to strengthen surveillance during Ramadan

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun on Wednesday directed the Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI) to strengthen its surveillance to ensure safe food for people during Ramadan. He also directed it to keep emergency services, including quality test of essential products, uninterrupted in any situation. The minister came up with the directives at a meeting on ensuring safe and ... Read More »