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Honey Face Mask Recipe to Get Glowing Skin in Quarantine

Are you missing your salon? Due to the ongoing CoronaVirus quarantine situation it is quite risky to visit a salon for having a facial. But the holy Eid festival is approaching. Who wants to celebrate the Eid day with a dull skin? Having a fresh look both in real life and selfies can make your Eid more special. You might ... Read More »

Running helps lower chance of death: Aussie study

Dhaka- No matter how busy you are, running, even for as little as once a week or less, will make you live longer regardless of your sex, according to Australian research published on Tuesday. The research showed that even running once a week for 50 minutes or less, at speeds below 8 km an hour appeared to have significant health ... Read More »

Here’s how you can save your teeth from coffee stains

Dhaka, Sept 26 (UNB) – Discolouration of teeth caused by caffeine is real. A lot of people enjoy their first cup in the morning, and continue to consume coffee throughout the day. Over time, this can cause stains on teeth, which, if not removed/taken care of, could affect dental health as well, reports The Indian Express. Read More »

Big Techs’ control of consumer data raises concerns

Geneva, 11 Jul (Kanaga Raja) – Large technology companies have penetrated many aspects of people’s lifestyles, with such digital platforms providing many benefits, but also gaining significant control of consumer data, which confers market power, raising not only competition-related concerns, but also concerns related to consumer protection and privacy. Read More »

Robi launches women- focused digital lifestyle service

Dhaka, June 15 (UNB)- Robi has launched a women focused digital lifestyle service, Ichchedana. Combining safety and security features, Ichchedana provides complete lifestyle solution for the women. Any Robi prepaid customer can register for this service by just dialing the USSD code: *123*80# for free of cost. The launching programme was held at the Robi Corporate Office located in Gulshan-1, ... Read More »

Taiwan’s parliament approves same-sex marriage legislation

Lawmakers comfortably pass law allowing same-sex couples to form ‘exclusive permanent unions’ – first for Asia. Taiwan’s parliament has legalised same-sex marriage in a landmark vote that made the self-ruled island the first in Asia to adopt such legislation. The lawmakers comfortably passed a law on Friday, allowing same-sex couples to form “exclusive permanent unions” and a second clause that ... Read More »

Eat pomegranate to fight ageing, improve endurance

You may want to include pomegranates in your daily diet. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties and cancer-busting antioxidants, they also protect muscles and improve endurance, claims a recent study. According to researchers, a type of compound found in pomegranate could play an important role in strengthening muscle cells. This protective and boosting effect has been linked to an anti-inflammatory and ... Read More »

4 different anxiety disorders risk for adolescence

Health Desk Low attention control in early adolescence is related to a genetic risk factor for four different anxiety disorders. Young teens who suffer from anxiety are also more vulnerable to additional problems like depression, drug dependence, suicidal behavior and educational underachievement. The National Institutes of Mental Health reports that 8 per cent of teens ages 13 to 18 have ... Read More »