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Pran-DRU Media Cricket begins on Thursday

Dhaka – The Pran-DRU Media Cricket Tournament, organized by Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), begins Thursday (Nov 14) morning at the Maulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium here. Forty four teams, split into eight groups, will compete in the week long meet on league basis. Later, the group champion will play the quarterfinals. Sports Secretary of DRU Shafiqul Islam Shamim disclosed the details ... Read More »

Facebook’s Libra currency battered by defections, pushback

Dhaka (AP/UNB) – Facebook faces a rough road ahead with Libra, but defections by high-profile partners are still unlikely to spell the end for the digital currency. On Friday, Visa and MasterCard announced their departures from the Libra project, as did e-commerce giant eBay and payments startup Stripe. Last week, PayPal became the first major company to drop out of ... Read More »

NBA postpones Shanghai media sessions amid China rift

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday that the league is still expecting them to play as scheduled this week, even while the rift between the league and Chinese officials continued in ways that clearly suggested the two planned games in Shanghai and Shenzhen were anything but guaranteed. Read More »

World News Day: How newsrooms made an impact in society

Thirty-eight newsrooms. Forty-seven stories. Making an impact that has been felt far and wide. Editors and journalists in newsrooms around the world have come together to showcase some of the work they do and the effort that goes into producing stories that make a difference to the lives of people in their communities, according to The Straits Times. Read More »

সাংবাদিক আতাউস সামাদের ৭ম মৃত্যুবার্ষিকী পালিত

বিশিষ্ট সমাজচিন্তক ইমেরিটাস অধ্যাপক ড, সিরাজুল ইসলাম চৌধুরী বলেছেন, রোহিঙ্গা সমস্যা, টাকা পাচার, রিজার্ভ চুরি, দুর্নীতি, ক্যাসিনো, পানি- জলবায়ু সমস্যাসহ দেশ ও সমাজের ভয়াবহ সব সংকট নিরসনে চাই সাংস্কৃতিক জাগরণ। সাংবাদিক সমাজ ঐক্যবদ্ধ থাকলে এইসব সঙ্কট এতটা ঘনীভূত হতে পারত না। তরুণদের উদ্বুদ্ধ করে ব্যাপক সাংস্কৃতিক আন্দোলনের মাধ্যমে সমাজবদল ঘটাতে হবে। Read More »