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Letter to Julian Assange from NoWar2019

By World BEYOND War, October 8, 2019 Letter to Julian Assange from NoWar2019 The fourth annual conference of World BEYOND War, which was held on October 4th and 5th in Limerick, Ireland, produced this letter, which is being delivered to Julian Assange. Read More »

U.S. and Australia — joined at the hip

By John Menadue Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants us to join with the U.S. in tackling the problems which Donald Trump created with Iran and presumably to soften us up to host missiles to protect the U.S. marines and port facilities in Darwin, writes John Menadue. Read More »

Thrill is worth a try, risk it

Sudhirendar Sharma It is only recently, after he turned 70, that he sought to do away with the impulsive act he defined as ‘thrill’, something that seems to have eluded the forthright government official. Having known him from his pre-retirement days, I used to wonder why he would avoid using the ‘red beacon’ on his official car. Read More »

US defunds UNFPA for the third year– on wrong assumptions

By Thalif Deen UN, Jul 17 2019 (IPS) – The Trump administration, in its continued hostility towards the United Nations– and as part of its policy aimed at undermining multilateral institutions and international commitments– has withheld its annual contributions to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) – for the third consecutive year. The three- year annual cuts, which began in 2017, ... Read More »

Global convention on principles for building peace needed?

STOCKHOLM, May 17 2019 (IPS) – When the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) concluded a three-day forum on “Peace and Development” on May 16, the primary focus was the daunting challenges threatening global security, including growing military interventions, spreading humanitarian emergencies, forced migration, increasing civil wars, extreme weather conditions triggered by climate change and widespread poverty and conflict-related hunger. For ... Read More »

Inequality: From redistribution to predistribution & beyond?

by Liam Kennedy Soaring income inequality inevitably raises discussion of more progressive taxation. But a more fundamental focus on the ownership of capital is needed. ‘Taxes, taxes, taxes … All the rest is bullsh*t in my opinion.’ The now much-travelled line from the historian Rutger Bregman at Davos 2019 is a perfect encapsulation of the Zeitgeist: inequality is out of ... Read More »

Brexit blues and a country in meltdown after referendum

Surprise has turned to shock and utter confusion for many in the UK a week after the British voted to leave the EU. DW’s Birgit Maass lives in London and describes her case of the “Brexit blues.” This is the country where I have lived for the last 16 years, where I met my husband and where my children were ... Read More »

Jumatul Wida tomorrow

Jumatul Wida, the last Juma prayer during the holy month of Ramjan, will be observed across the country on Friday with due solemnity and religious fervour. Thousands of Muslim devotees will attend the Juma prayers at different mosques, seeking divine blessings for peace and progress of Bangladesh and unity of the Muslim Ummah. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported. Read More »

Banks to remain closed July 4

Bangladesh Bank and all other scheduled banks will remain closed on July 4 but those will remain open on July 16. Bangladesh Bank on Sunday took the decision, said its deputy spokesman Anwarul Islam. Earlier, the central bank took decision that all branches of banks will remain open on July 2-3 in industrial areas of Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayanganj, Gazipur and ... Read More »

Latin America’s revolution under attack

By Asad Ismi The Latin American revolution seemed unstoppable until recently.  From El Savador in the north to Argentina in the south, leftists elected since 1998 have implemented the greatest redistribution of wealth in the region’s history, providing millions of jobs, free medical care and education, land reform and public subsidies, thereby lifting tens of millions of people out of ... Read More »

Over 3 lakh posts vacant in public service: Minister

Public Administration Minister Syed Ashraful Islam on Thursday told Parliament that some 3.28 lakh posts are now vacant in the public service. According to the latest data collected in December 2015, the number of officials and employees in the ministries and other government agencies is 13.82 lakh, he said. Sangsad Bhaban, UNB News Agency Reported. Read More »

The life and death of peace activist Daniel Berrigan

By Rev. John Dear Rev. Daniel Berrigan, the renowned anti-war activist, award-winning poet, author and Jesuit priest, who inspired religious opposition to the Vietnam war and later the U.S. nuclear weapons industry, died at age 94, just a week shy of his 95th birthday. He died of natural causes at the Jesuit infirmary at Murray-Weigel Hall in the Bronx. I ... Read More »

What does Muslim mayor for London signify?

N. S. Venkataraman There are many cities in the world that are as big, and have a reputation and great history, as London. The mayors of these cities are elected or appointed at regular intervals and these are rarely reported in the international media. In the light of such circumstances, it is conspicuous that the election of Mr. Sadhiq Khan ... Read More »

Experts bat for India’s productive engagement in Myanmar

By Nava Thakuria As Myanmar (formerly Burma) is opening up to the world, various Indian experts come forward advocating for New Delhi’s pro-active initiatives in this fast changing neighborhood. Recently concluded a discourse at Guwahati also witnessed the participants in large numbers supported New Delhi’s involvement in the process of sustainable development in the southeast Asian nation. Organized by Guwahati ... Read More »

Suu Kyi must erase apartheid stain

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, wrote, “When fear becomes collective, when anger becomes collective, it’s extremely dangerous. It is overwhelming… The mass media and the military-industrial complex create a prison for us, so we continue to think, see, and act in the same way… We need the courage to express ourselves even when the majority ... Read More »

How journalists cover ISIS and its vast propaganda machine

by Sharon Moshavi, Vice President, New Initiatives News organizations are struggling to cover ISIS, constrained by a lack of on-the-ground presence in the wake of its brutal murders of journalists, according to an International Center for Journalists’ panel of media experts. But leading editors said they are finding ways to collect valuable information through a complex web of domestic and ... Read More »

The differing N.Korea sanctions and their goals

By Tristan Webb The first part of this series surveyed the wide variety of sanctions put on the DPRK by the UN and the relevant countries. Taken together, the result is a confused mess, where details of prohibited items stretch into hundreds of pages, but where experts are still not sure whether Korean nuclear scientists training in a Russian nuclear ... Read More »

Why the E=West is keen dividing the Arabs

Ramzy Baroud When Arab streets exploded with fury, from Tunis to Sanaa, pan-Arabism seemed, then, like a nominal notion. Neither did the so-called ‘Jasmine Revolution’ use slogans that affirmed its Arab identity, nor did angry Egyptian youth raise the banner proclaiming Arab unity atop the high buildings adjacent to Tahrir Square. Read More »

Chomsky wants you to wake up from the American Dream

By David Swanson If you’ve just seen Michael Moore’s movie and are wondering how in the world the United States got diverted into the slow lane to hell, go watch Noam Chomsky’s movie. If you’ve just seen Noam Chomsky’s movie and are wondering whether the human species is really worth saving, go see Michael Moore’s movie. If you haven’t seen ... Read More »

In this race, the rat is ahead

Sudhirendar Sharma Whether or not you smell them, their presence remains ubiquitous. You will find them everywhere. Having followed humans to just about every corner of the globe, these creatures have demonstrated their incredible propensity for travel. Rats are as much comfortable on moving ships as in running trains. They may have been cause for grounding an Air India flight ... Read More »

Obama’s Fair Remarks Regarding Muslims

US President Obama visited the mosque in Baltimore, Maryland a few days back. Of course, this made many Americans wonder as to why Obama would visit the mosque at the end of his Presidential term and just before the Presidential election, instead of doing so earlier in his two terms of eight years.Obama should only hope that even his admirers ... Read More »

Day of solidarity with Palestine- Looking back, looking ahead

On November 29, 1947, after Great Britain–the mandatory power in Palestine–had asked the United Nations to meet in a special session to discuss the “problem of Palestine,” the General Assembly passed Resolution 181 (II) to end the British mandate by August 1, 1948. The centerpiece of this historic resolution, however, was to partition Palestine and call for the establishment, after ... Read More »

Credibility crisis for northeastern news channels

By Nava Thakuria In the time of internet  where consumers become habituate with various free internet proving services, the news itself becomes the victim of circumstance as few people prefer to pay for a news channel? The increasing number of free-to-air  (FTA) television channels has fulfilled the  demand for millions of news consumers. But slowly the FTA is also losing ... Read More »

Health and trade: What hope for SDG3?

Emma Woodford “… the forces of power, particularly corporate power, are impatient with what is adequate for a coherent community. Because power gains so little from community in the short run, it does not hesitate to destroy community for the long run.” ― Wes Jackson, Becoming Native to This Place In case you had been asleep for the last ten ... Read More »

Kazi Zafar Ahmed: A Personal tribute

Anisuzzaman Chowdhury My close association with Kazi Zafar Ahmed (Zafar Bhai) began in earnest immediately after the independence of Bangladesh. Being in Chittagong, I did not have much opportunity to interact with Zafar Bhai earlier, especially because he was underground due to a “hulia” (arrest warrant) for declaring the programme of action for an independent people’s democratic republic of East ... Read More »

Assam loses an honest and courageous journalist

By Nava Thakuria He was an honest, brave and impartial journalist, who used to raise voices relentlessly against the separatist militants of the troubled northeast India. Moreover, he was also vocal in favor of basic minimum facility & rights for the working journalists and other media employees of  Assam. Read More »

Closest British election gives conservatives sweeping victory

By Sally Hayden It was labeled as the closest British election in decades, but the result in the United Kingdom’s general election has been surprisingly decisive. The Conservative Party has won 330 of 650 seats, giving them an overall majority with which to form a government. Speaking to staff members in Westminster, visibly delighted Conservative Party leader David Cameron called ... Read More »