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The woman Roosevelt relied on to put America back to work

by Denis MacShane on 14th July 2020 @denismacshane Roosevelt is invoked more than ever amid talk of a ‘new deal’ for today’s crisis. Rather fewer, however, recall the woman at the heart of his programme. There is more mythical nonsense written about the ‘New Deal’ of Franklin Delano Roosevelt than of any other few years in 20th-century American history. It ... Read More »

A ‘Hamiltonian moment’ for Europe

by John Weeks on 14th July 2020 @johnweeks41 Invoking Alexander Hamilton in the context of the sensitisation achieved by Black Lives Matter could not be more inappropriate. Drawing analogies across countries rarely provides insight and often proves wrong-headed. For instance, while not inappropriate, applying the term ‘Green New Deal’ to a comprehensive European environmental programme is at best misleading. Read More »

Memorable days: Improving a paper’s look to attract readers

Mostafa Kamal Majumder While improving the content of The New Nation, I simultaneously initiated measures to improve the getup and makeup of the paper. I noticed that the computer section was deciding how the getup should be like on a page to page basis. To accommodate headlines one simple option they had was to increase or deduce font size to ... Read More »

The Quiet Survivors of a Global Pandemic

By Saima W. Hossain DHAKA, Bangladesh, Jul 8 2020 (IPS) – The issue of women’s rights, feminism and gender is complex and ongoing in most countries including Bangladesh. When I was asked to write about the impact of COVID-19 on women and girls, I found myself drawn towards writing about women’s situation in general as that automatically impacts COVID-19 response ... Read More »

Stopping Food Waste During COVID-19, One Grant At a Time

Danielle Nierenberg When the COVID-19 pandemic caused restaurants and creameries to shut down, goat farmers Blake and Andrew Place found themselves dumping 95 percent of their daily milk production because they couldn’t sell it. But with a grant from the ReFED COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund, an organization called FarmLink was able to connect the Places’ goat farm with community ... Read More »

How memory became the Palestinians’ greatest weapon

By Ramzy Baroud 72 years after the destruction of historic Palestine at the hands of Zionist militias lies an opportunity to reassert the centrality of the right of return for 5 million Palestinian refugees. Just 48 hours before thousands of Palestinians rallied on the streets, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paid an eight-hour visit to Israel to discuss the ... Read More »

Courtesy of Corona

M ZAHIDUL HAQUE BY the courtesy of Corona, drastic changes have taken place in occupational, societal and human relations disciplines. COVID-19 pandemic has changed human behaviour and the pattern of human interaction. Social and organizational communications are getting more and more dependent on virtual working. Read More »

Memorable days: Narrow escape from bomb at Mushtaq’s meet

Mostafa Kamal Majumder Political violence in Bangladesh is an old phenomenon. I came face to face with a very destructive such violence on 23 May 1980 when a public meeting of Khondaker Mushtaq Ahmad came under a bomb attack in front of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque. The largely attended meeting was organized at the end of a series of ... Read More »

Why Disaster Preparedness Cannot Wait

By Jagan Chapagain and Andrew Steer GENEVA/WASHINGTON, DC – The world has been planning for the future in the mistaken belief that it will resemble the past. But as COVID-19 coincides with cyclones in South Asia and the Pacific and vast locust swarms in East Africa, the need to prepare for a world of unexpected shocks has become clearer than ... Read More »

For now, it is a question of answers

Sudhirendar Sharma For once, this pandemic has forced all of us to be different, to seek answers and only answers on how to confront, control, and get over the dreadful virus. No one seems to be asking questions anymore, but everyone is waiting for a universal answer. All questions about its origin are painfully getting buried with those who unfortunately ... Read More »

Glorious days: Offer to be Press Secretary to the President

Mostafa Kamal Majumder As The New Nation became more or less self-reliant and I could respond to demands of working journalists to improve their working conditions in the paper with a mission to make it sustainable I got a phone call one day from President Iajuddin Ahmed to join him over a cup of tea, several months after the Army-backed ... Read More »

Glorious days: How AL made BNP alienate JP in Parliament

Mostafa Kamal Majumder The Old Sangsad Bhaban at Nakhalpara was where I started my Parliament reporting. My seniors most of the time used to engage me to cover the question hour held at the start of sittings every day. The 1979 Parliament is sometimes referred to have had the richest composition with representation from Bangladesh’s political parties. The BNP had ... Read More »

Envisioning a Blue Recovery

By Erna Solberg and Tommy Remengesau, Jr. OSLO/NGERULMUD – From Jamaica to Palau and Norway to Indonesia, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is global, and national recovery efforts must be globally focused to seize shared opportunities. Nowhere is this more evident than in the global domain that unites us – the ocean. We now need to harness the potential ... Read More »

Sustaining Conservation in a Pandemic

By Matthew Brown BOULDER, COLORADO – Safari tourism has long been an economic boon to people living in Africa. But the suspension of flights and safari visits because of the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated this critical source of income – and devastated the wildlife conservation efforts it funds. The repercussions for flora and fauna are far-reaching. Anything with a horn ... Read More »

Sustainable Development Starts with Children

By Helen Clark NEW YORK – “Our house is on fire,” warned the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg at last year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. Her pointed words – accusing adults of sitting idly by as the planet burns – quieted a roomful of global leaders, inspired young activists worldwide, and underscored the critical importance of putting children ... Read More »

The Moment When America Fell Behind

By Jules Kortenhorst DENVER – As governments around the world adopt policies to address the immediate economic fallout of COVID-19, they are making decisions that will also determine their countries’ competitiveness for decades to come. If designed correctly, stimulus and recovery packages can position countries and regions to reap the benefits of the industries of the future. Read More »

The cups that cheer

Sudhirendar Sharma No other drink inspires as much feeling of relaxation, and trust! For me every day is a tea day but the International Tea Day (May 21) reminded me this year that it is a hot cup of tea that offers the only warm hug during the Corona times. Although the day is meant to highlight the plight of ... Read More »

Scourge of Racism Violates UN Charter

By Amina J. Mohammed GENEVA, Jun 18 2020 (IPS) – I welcome this opportunity to speak to this urgent and necessary debate of the Human Rights Council. I bring you warm greetings from Secretary-General António Guterres, who shares your abhorrence of racism and is committed to fighting it with every tool we have. Read More »

Meritocracy Legitimises, Deepens Inequality

By Jomo Kwame Sundaram KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jun 18 2020 (IPS) – How often have you heard someone lamenting or even condemning inequality in society, concluding with an appeal to meritocracy? We like to think that if only the deserving, the smart ones, those we deem competent or capable, often meaning the ones who are more like us, were in ... Read More »

Matters of Chasing Onward

Dr. Sinha MA Sayeed Money is the root of all inconveniences caused off and often, noted Bengali literary Dr. Lutfar Rahman log time ago. Karl Marx calls it the most dominating factor in life. Religions of various natures, sizes, dimensions and folds emphasize on limiting wealth and liquid money if a person wants a peaceful life in a family, society ... Read More »

Forced marriage, organ trafficking rife in Asia Pacific – II

By Neena Bhandari The Asia Pacific region predominates in the numbers of victims of modern slavery. The region had 55 percent of the victims of forced marriage worldwide. This is the second of a 2-part series on trafficking and modern slavery in the Asia Pacific region. SYDNEY, Australia, 2020 (IPS) – A single mother, Mai (name changed) had the responsibility ... Read More »

Covid-19 has increased children’s exposure to traffickers

By Tasneem Tayeb Jun 16 2020 – With Covid-19 bringing economic activities across nations to a halt, more and more people are being pushed into poverty. Job losses, business losses and farming losses, leading to economic stress, are pushing many to the fringes of poverty. And as families are being rendered helpless, the worst sufferers are invariably the children. Read More »

Racism and Dominance

By Jan Lundius STOCKHOLM / ROME, Jun 15 2020 (IPS) – The #MeToo movement triggered worldwide protests that hopefully was instrumental in making people better aware of a continuous and often hidden mistreatment of women. Maybe can the current I can’t breathe movement make people realize that institutional racism is far from extinct. Read More »

Memorable days: Old Sangsad Bhaban now Prime Minister’s office

Mostafa Kamal Majumder At the close of a programme of the Ministry of Education at the Milanee Hall of Hotel Purbani International, education secretary Kazi Fazlur Rahman was exchanging views with journalists. Prime Minister Shah Azizur Rahman who was in charge of the education ministry had left soon after the end of the meeting. As I walked towards a side ... Read More »

American traumas

by Karin Pettersson on 8th June 2020 @AB_Karin Karin Pettersson explores the deep faultlines of unexpurgated racism tearing the United States apart. In 50 years, will the United States still exist? Or will the union have been pulled apart—in a peaceful or, at worst, a violent and bloody process? Read More »

Memorable days: The paper was flooded with reading materials

Mostafa Kamal Majumder Apart from two fresh editorials a day the inside pages of The New Nation started getting so much of up to date reading materials that those had to be accommodated through careful planning. Besides regular contributors like AK Faezul Huq, Matiur Rahman, Shahid Alam, Liaquat Hossain and Masum Billah my friend from New Delhi Dr. Sudhirendar Sharma ... Read More »