Saturday , February 22 2020
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Syrian ‘chemical attack’ was staged, says Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a reported chemical attack in Syria was staged by foreign agents. The US and France have said they have proof it took place, and, alongside the UK, they are considering launching military retaliation against Syria. Russia, a Syrian ally, has warned the US that air strikes risk a new war. Read More »

Russia warns US against military action

Russia has urged the US to avoid taking military action in response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria. “I would once again beseech you to refrain from the plans that you’re currently developing,” Moscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia said on Tuesday. He warned Washington that it will “bear responsibility” for any “illegal military adventure” it carries out. Read More »

Andrew McCabe gave notes to Russia inquiry

Ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe has given memos about conversations he had with President Donald Trump to an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, US media say. They say the memos could support allegations that the president sought to obstruct justice. Mr McCabe was fired from the FBI on Friday following an internal inquiry. Mr Trump had ... Read More »

Russian oligarchs in UK asked to explain luxury lifestyles

Russian oligarchs suspected of corruption will be forced to explain their luxury lifestyles in the UK, the security minister has said. As part of an organised crime crackdown, Ben Wallace told the Times officials could now seize suspicious assets worth more than £50,000. He added wealthy foreign criminals would feel the “full force of government”. Read More »

Russia, Turkey broker Syria peace, sideline US

(CNN)Call it a pop-up alliance. After spending much of this year berating each other after Turkey shot down a Russian jet over the Syrian-Turkish border, the two governments are suddenly the “honest brokers” of a ceasefire in Syria — one that is designed to lead to political negotiations. The United States, which has long championed the stuttering diplomatic process on ... Read More »