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The Plastic Pandemic

By Jacob Duer SINGAPORE – There is no denying that single-use plastic has been a lifesaver in the fight against COVID-19, especially for frontline health workers. It has also facilitated adherence to social-distancing rules, by enabling home delivery of basic goods, especially food. And it may have helped to curb transmission, by replacing reusable coffee cups and shopping bags in ... Read More »

The consequential effects of Covid-19 on the climate crisis

By Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin Okyenhene ACCRA Ghana, Jun 1 2020 (IPS) – The tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic and its associated challenges have thrown our world into chaos, with the virus destroying lives and livelihoods in its path. The whole world is presently seized by the effects of the pandemic, but there is a silent crisis of equal measure ... Read More »

Are the SDGs in reverse gear?

By Saida Ali NAIROBI, Kenya, May 25 2020 (IPS) – When I was a little girl, my mother told us the story of a woman who escaped from a monster by cooking stones: when the monster fell asleep waiting for his dinner, the woman ran for her life. Read More »

The Digital Path to Citizen-Centric Finance

By Achim Steiner and Maria Ramos NEW YORK/JOHANNESBURG – Today, “mobile money” – a service enabling people to send, receive, and store money on a cellphone – allows a market trader in Kenya to borrow a modest amount at sunrise to buy her stock, and then pay it back at sunset from her daily earnings. This seemingly simple micro-level exchange ... Read More »

Freedom of religion and the Covid-19 pandemic

By Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi Any place on earth can be a mosque and prayer can be offered wherever there is the presence of God. The movement restriction order is preventing us from going outside but it does not prevent us from going within the recesses of our soul to discover the untapped spiritual force within. Read More »

COVID-19 is clarifying the climate challenge

By Olivia Macharis and Nadim Farajalla BEIRUT – The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the fragility of the world order. Governments have sought to limit the spread of the virus through lockdowns and travel restrictions, which have stalled economies and created a global recession. Poorer countries, lacking the resources and resilience to mitigate the pandemic, will be hit hardest. Like climate ... Read More »

The Global Resilience Imperative

By Johan Rockström and Ottmar Edenhofer POTSDAM – As the COVID-19 crisis passes and governments try to shore up collapsing economies, many will be tempted to roll back their climate and nature commitments. They should resist that impulse. This century will be characterized by speed, scale, connectivity, and surprise, with global pandemics, climate chaos, deforestation, and mass extinctions of species ... Read More »

The pandemic and the recolonisation of time

by Çiğdem Boz and Ayça Tekin-Koru on 8th May 2020 @Ayca_TekinKoru The expansion of free time during the crisis could lead to a reassessment of leisure and a revalorised public sphere. The Covid-19 crisis has engendered an unparalleled self-evaluation of time. As more and more found themselves confined to their homes, an unprecedented effort to fill suddenly abundant free time ... Read More »

A Joint Pledge of Defeating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ranjan Roy, PhD. The world has been facing a quintessential global health challenge – Coronavirus (COVID-19). The COVID-19 pandemic brings with it the third and greatest economic, financial, and social shock of the 21st Century, after 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. This pandemic is causing large-scale loss of life and severe human suffering. Read More »

The crises of 2020 will delay the transition to clean energy

By Humberto Márquez CARACAS, Apr 29 2020 (IPS) – The oil slump, global recession and uncertainty about the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic will fuel the appetite for cheaper fossil fuel energy and delay investments in renewables, affecting the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read More »

The case of lockdown of Birdem diabetic Hospital ICU

The locking down of the Intensive Care Unit of the Birdem General Hospital, the best diabetic hospital in Bangladesh, after finding four out of five of its patients coronavirus positive is extremely shocking to say the least. All the doctors and nurses who worked at the unit have been sent on quarantine. Read More »

Connecting the celluloid dots

Sudhirendar Sharma In times of the pandemic threat which seems not too distant in future but uncertain nonetheless, reliving nostalgic moments provide much-desired comfort. These are the times when indulging in nostalgia helps revive feelings, a kind of matter or some kind of energy that can destroy or cripple present melancholic moments. It is the involuntary unlocking of those eventful ... Read More »

Can India’s print newspapers survive the Covid-19 pandemic

by Nava Thakuria As an unprecedented lockdown continues in India, the newspaper groups face an uphill task to maintain their readership. The complete shutdown, to continue till 14 April, instantly stopped the vendors from delivering morning newspapers to reader’s doorsteps as rumours spread that the papers could carry the novel coronavirus. This forced many publishers to drastically reduce their papers’ ... Read More »

How Norway fuelled the electric vehicle revolution

Electric vehicles could be integral to the world improving its environmental performance. GlobalData’s power technology writer, JP Casey says: “Thanks to improvements in operational efficiency and reductions in the production of harmful pollutants compared to combustion engine-powered vehicles, hope has grown that replacing existing car models with newer, electric equivalents could lead to positive change in the world’s pollution levels. Read More »

U-19 World Cup Young Tigers put Bangladesh on top of the world

Dhaka — Junior Tigers made history beating the four-time champions India by three wickets in a dramatic final of the ICC Under-19 World Cup on Sunday at Potchefstroom, South Africa. It was Bangladesh’s first-ever final in an ICC event (outside the World Cup qualifying ICC Trophy), and they didn’t miss the chance to create history, emerging as unbeaten champions. To ... Read More »

The EU’s Risky Green Taxonomy

by Stan Dupré PARIS – European Union member states and the European Parliament are soon expected to adopt a so-called “taxonomy” for classifying green investments, after reaching an agreement last month on a list of “sustainable” economic activities. Once the new system enters into force, most likely this year, the European Commission will use this list to determine which financial ... Read More »

Trump attempting to consolidate the Balfour Declaration

By Askiah Adam There are two schools of thought as to whither the fate of the newly revealed proposed settlement to the protracted Palestine problem. One espoused by Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Inspector, that it is an offer that Palestinians cannot refuse and the other that it must be rejected, not least because of its ... Read More »

Food security and nutrition: ‘Organic is the Future’

By Sapna Gopal HIMALAYAS, India, Jan 30 2020 (IPS) – Vandana Shiva, a pioneer of organic farming in India, is incensed by the 2019 draft law to compulsorily register all seeds used by farmers. On a wintry afternoon, at her farm Navdanya in the Himalayan foothills, the noted ecologist spoke on the future of the organic farming movement in India. Read More »

Corporal punishment is not the panacea of society’s ills

To touch a petal of a beautiful rose flower may not kill it, but its God-given bloom wilters before your very eyes. Imagine what corporal punishment can do to the delicate developing mind of a child What a priceless 100th birthday gift it would be to Bangabandhu if Bangladesh had no corporal punishment and its youth were confidently marching towards ... Read More »

The fierce urgency of COP26

by Adam Tooze Adam Tooze stresses that the critical COP26 conference later this year hinges on European unity and radical leadership. There are turning points in history. Moments that matter, those mark beginnings and ends. As Martin Luther King reminded us, ‘There is such a thing as being too late.’ It is that which can give politics its fierce urgency. ... Read More »

Belt and Road Initiative: The Bridge that Spans the World

By Peter Koenig The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), also called the New Silk Road, is based on a 2,100-year-old trade route between the Middle East and Eastern Asia, called the Silk Road. It wound its ways across the huge landmass Eurasia to the most eastern parts of China. It favoured trading, based on the Taoist philosophy of harmony and ... Read More »

Trump stands trial at the start of an election year

Washington, AP/UNB, Jan 17 – The U.S. Senate opened the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump with a quiet ceremony Thursday — senators standing at their desks to swear an oath of “impartial justice” as jurors, House prosecutors formally reciting the charges and Chief Justice John Roberts presiding. Read More »