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Beyond headlines: The dev story behind irregular migration

By Achim Steiner UN, Oct 28 2019 (IPS) – Last week, a too-familiar human tragedy captured news headlines. 39 people were found dead inside a shipping container on an industrial estate in Essex in Southeast England; 31 men and 8 women whose individual identities, for now, remain anonymous, as authorities begin to investigate one of Europe’s worst people-trafficking cases. Read More »

The Manchester revolution

by Paul Mason on 23rd October 2019 @paulmasonnews Paul Mason reimagines the Manchester of his birth in a postcapitalist age—and raises the challenge of getting there. Imagine this: a child is born in a city where 40 per cent of the workforce make things with machines and manual labour. The dominant social relationship is the wage relation. The social contract ... Read More »

Financing the green transition

By Bertrand Badré and Antoine Sire Paris – Four years after world leaders signed the Paris climate agreement and adopted the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global environmental crisis shows every sign of worsening. Polar ice and glaciers are melting at an accelerating rate. Read More »

Brexit reveals Jeremy Corbyn to be the true moderate

By Jonathan Cook If there is an upside to Brexit, it is this: it has made it increasingly hard to present Jeremy Corbyn, contrary to everything the corporate media has been telling us for the past four years, as anything but a political moderate. In truth, he is one of the few moderates left in British – or maybe that ... Read More »

What matters at the end is ingenuity

Sudhirendar Sharma Bad news holds currency, subsuming whatever little good that lies littered around. That has been the way of life, lately. Had I not read hugely popular Factfulness by noted statistician Hans Rosling who stressed that one must strive to get the good things out in the public, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to revisit the momentous weeks ... Read More »

The limits of parliamentary sovereignty

Mostafa Kamal Majumder The British Parliament is resuming its sitting on Wednesday unceremoniously ending its prorogation, termed unlawful by the Supreme Court, forcing a fresh assessment of the limits of House’s sovereignty, and making political scientists to ponder, shall the Westminster still have power to do anything except turning a man a women or a woman man. Read More »

Who killed the wandering rhino in Assam?

by Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya on 9 September 2019 • In February 2018, a greater one-horned rhino wandered from India’s Orang National Park into the nearby Burachapori-Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. • In September 2018, officials lost track of the rhino. In June 2019, the rhino’s buried remains, and a bullet, were discovered close to a guard camp in Burachapori-Laokhowa. • Mongabay investigates ... Read More »

Triumph of the right is changing the world order

By Katharina Hofmann De Moura Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aug 29 2019 (IPS) – The crisis of regional and multilateral institutions goes hand in hand with the international rise of right-wi ng populism. In the US, the UK, Russia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, the Philippines and Brazil, we are experiencing the rise of right-wing populist politicians who throw headline-grabbing barbs at ... Read More »

The Taiwan Issue in US-China Relations

by Kishore Mahbubani Singapore – Media OutReach – 23 July 2019 – The most dangerous issue in US-China relations is Taiwan. This is why it was unwise for the Trump Administration to allow a high-profile transit by President Tsai Ing-wen through the US in July 2019. Ignoring past precedents, the Administration allowed her to have public meetings attended by the ... Read More »

Europe must answer the climate call

By Christiana Figueres Brussels – In early 2015, the European Union became the first major economy to set a post-2020 target for limiting greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. By committing to reducing emissions to at least 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, the EU initiated a global movement that culminated in the adoption of the Paris climate agreement later that year. This ... Read More »

Beyond the EU budget zero-sum game

by Leonardo Costa Discussion of the EU budget brings strife between supposed net contributors and beneficiaries. Yet the picture is more complex and Europe-wide taxation offers a way out. When it comes to the budget for the European Union, the debate is dominated by which member states are net contributors and which net beneficiaries. This has been a barrier to ... Read More »

North Korea: The Kim Yong Chol purge that wasn’t

Reporters must be more responsible in separating fact from the fiction Fyodor Tertitskiy June 3rd, 2019 Short version – “not dead,” as Sherlock Holmes told John Watson at the beginning of the third season of the popular BBC series. And it seems that Vice-Chairman Kim Yong Chol is even luckier than the great detective: not only is he not dead, ... Read More »

The new face of activism: Youth

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage UN, May 30 2019 (IPS) – Rather than waiting for adults to act, more young girls and boys are standing up and speaking out on the world’s pressing issues. In recent years, the international community has seen a rise in youth engagement from education activist Malala Yousafzai to climate change warrior Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez. “More often than not, ... Read More »

The Myth of Climate Wars?

by Alaa Murabit, Luca Bücken New York – In the years leading up to Syria’s civil war, the country endured three consecutive record-breaking droughts. By forcing internal displacement, the droughts arguably contributed to the social tensions that erupted in popular protests in 2011. But that does not mean that the Syrian conflict is a “climate war.” As extreme weather events ... Read More »

Celebrating the Mediterranean diet

Danielle Nierenberg This month, as eaters across the Northern Hemisphere start the grilling and picnic season, we’re celebrating International Mediterranean Diet Month as a reminder to eat to protect health and the planet this summer. Praised by doctors, scientists, and chefs alike, the Mediterranean Diet is better for mind, body, and planetary health. Emphasizing plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients and limiting meat ... Read More »

The monetization of garbage

By Stephen Nwaloziri Berea, Kentucky – As a child growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, in the late 1990s, I remember women roaming through my community and chanting in Yoruba, “onigo de o! Anra bata rubber ati ayo t’on jo.” This translates as “The bottle peddler is here! We buy rubber sandals and leaky (aluminum) pots.” Some families would separate their ... Read More »

The rising tide of sustainable seafood

By Teresa Ish and Henrik Österblom Stockholm – McDonald’s. Hilton. IKEA. Each of these corporate titans enjoys an enormous customer base. But what most of their customers might not realize is that these companies are leaders in ocean stewardship: they all sell sustainable seafood. This is an important precedent – but it is not enough. When it comes to harvesting ... Read More »

The only trillionaire of Bangladesh?

The Central Bank of Bangladesh is said to be busy, tidying, dusting, vacuuming-cleaning and making storage space in its cobwebbed vaults for its largest single in-shipment of money in the bank’s entire history. A whopping 32-BILLION Euros! That’s over THREE TRILLION Taka in local Bangladesh currency. Debonair controversial international arms dealer and Bangladeshi business tycoon Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher wrote ... Read More »

To the cricket victors, the spoils!

Ashikur Rahman Haydarabad Sporting Club held its annual Cricket Grand Final on the weekend. Village family homes emptied to watch the local (and would be international) teen stars battle it out for glory on the temporary cricket ground they had made. Anti corporal punishment crusader Sir Frank Peters was the special Guest of Honour on the happy occasion. In his ... Read More »

Kesari becomes the biggest first week grosser of 2019

It is no surprise for movie lovers that an Akshay Kumar starrer is registering record-breaking collections at the box-office. Kesari is a tribute to the 21 Sikh soldiers of the British Indian army, who fought against an army of 6000-10000 Afghans in 1897. The film stars Akshay Kumar as the protagonist, narrating the events that lead to the Battle of ... Read More »

Aryan Khan winning the internet with these photos

Just like his superstar father, Aryan Khan too is pretty famous. An internet sensation, Aryan Khan often shares pictures with his family including Shah Rukh Khan, mom Gauri Khan and his siblings Suhana and AbRam. Even though the star kid is not that active on social media, everytime he posts something, it sure goes viral. Currently in France for a ... Read More »