Walton increases Smart TV production

Walton increases Smart TV production


The local multinational brand ‘Walton’ has increased the production of its smart televisions witnessing the growing demands in the local market.

Recently, Walton released new models of 32-inch, 39-inch and 43-inch Smart TV with the latest operating system ‘Android 7’. Each of these new models is featured with 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM.The local brand set the price of its new models of 32-inch Smart TV at Tk 24.900, 39-inch at Tk 36,900 and 43-inch at Tk 39.900.

Walton is now manufacturing and marketing total of 25 models of smart televisions of 32, 39, 43, 49 and 55-inch. Among these, there is one model of 55-inch at Tk 69,900 and 49-inch at Tk 65,900. In addition, 43-inch televisions has 3 models and 39-inch has 5 models. Considering the people of middle-income group, Walton released 15 models of 32-inch smart television.

Walton Smart TV has a built-in E-share app that will allow users to share TV display with mobile phone and vice-versa. The users can manage the device operation by Smartphone through opening the remote option of the E-share app installed on handsets.Four different formats like Key-remote, Touch remote, Mouse and Air mouse can be used by the users’ handset to operate image, audio, video and movies, stored on mobile phone, in Walton Smart TV from any corner of the home.

Maruf Hasan, head of sales of Walton Television Department, said, Smart TV has brought a radical changes and added more recreations for the viewers. Most of the buyers are now prefer to buy smart televisions. He noted that the market share of the smart televisions has been growing very rapidly in the local market.

Uday Hakim, deputy executive director of Walton Group, said that the local television market is fully import oriented. But, the establishment of modern and internal standard local television manufacturing industries turned Bangladesh into a self-sufficient in meeting the entire local demands of televisions.Now, a lion portion of the country’s television market is captured by the local brands, he added.

Mustafa Nahid Hossain, chief executive officer of Walton Television Department, said, Walton has installed world’s latest technology and machineries at its own factory in Gazipur with huge investment to instigate a revolutionary change in the technology sector of Bangladesh. The local brand has also set up country’s largest television R&D departed where a bunch of highly educated, talented and skilled engineers are working to present customers advanced and world-class products ensuring the international standard.

For which, Walton television has been recognized and achieved certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Testing Certificate from Standard Organization of Nigeria Product Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP). Walton has already announced one-year TV replacement guarantee with the assurance of high quality.

He also mentioned that high quality panels are being used in Walton Internet-based Android Smart TV. Walton is manufacturing HADS (High Advance Super Dimension Switch) and IPS (In Plan Switching) panels in ISO class seven dust free clean room, which ensure the quality and durability of the panels. As a result, viewers will get high viewing angle and high contrast pictures. Moreover, the Walton TVs are huge power efficient.

Walton is now offering 6-month replacement warranty for television panel, and two years warranty for panel and spare parts as well as free after sales of services for five years.

source: UNB


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