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Woes of relatives awaiting identification of 19 more bodies
At least 67 people were killed and 41 others injured after a fire broke out at a chemical warehouse and spread through several nearby buildings at Chawkbazar on February 20.

Woes of relatives awaiting identification of 19 more bodies

Dhaka, Feb 26 – To identify untraced Nurul Haq, his elder brother Aynul Haq has given DNA samples to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police.
Outside Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) with sad eyes, he told journalists that he gave blood and saliva to the CID forensic team on Friday.
“They (CID team) haven’t given any information on regard of my brother. In the last five day, I have seen all the bodies kept in the morgue in different hospitals, but I didn’t find my brother’s body.”
He sought to know how much time it will take time to detect his brother’s body.
It was known that Nurul used to sell vegetables in front of Hazi Wahed Mansion where the fast-spreading fire killed 67 people instant.
Nurul’s wife Raima and only son live in Kishoreganj. They all have come to Dhaka and are staying at their relative’s house after the fire incident. They are rushing hospital morgue to Churihatta to find Nurul. Yet no clue has been found.
Almost one week has passed since the devastating fire in Chawkbazar area, which killed 69 people. A total of 50 bodies were handed over to their relatives till yesterday. Nineteen more unidentified bodies are now kept in hospital mortuaries. CID said they have collected 38 identical DNA samples since the remaining 19 bodies have remained unidentified. A team from CID is working at DMCH to cross-match DNA samples of victims who died in the Chawkbazar tragedy.
Johrul Haque Sumon has given blood samples for his lost wife Halima. His five-year-old daughter Morium also gave saliva to identify her mother. Talking to Johrul he said, “we are shocked at the loss our dear one. Now, it’s worrying that we haven’t got her body. Except waiting for the result of DNA, we have nothing to do.”
As Johrul was talking over cell phone his daughter was asking him that, “whom you are talking? Is that my mother? When she will come?”
Johrul said Halima went to churihatta to buy medicine for the daughter but never came back. Besides Morium, Johurul has another five-month-old daughter.
“I am I great pain with my two daughter. I am still confused what I should do,” he said.
Like Aynul and Johrul, many other relatives who lost their near and dear ones in the incident are waiting for the DNA result outside the DMCH.
Earlier, CID collated 38 DNA samples as 19 bodies have remained unidentified. CID also collected 257 DNA samples from 67 bodies. A total of 48 dead bodies were handed over to their relatives. CID said, 14 bodies have been identified through blood and saliva. To identify the other five they have collected bone pieces.
Within 15 days CID will identify the 14 more bodies. It may take more than three weeks to identify the other five bodies as they are fully charred and difficult to identify. – Staff Reporter