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Zafar Iqbal received six stab injuries – now safe
Prof Zafar Iqbal and alleged attacker behind him

Zafar Iqbal received six stab injuries – now safe

Dhaka, March 4 – Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal received six stabs in his body but he is now out of danger and conscious, a doctor of Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Dhaka said Sunday.“Six stabs were found on the body of Zafar Iqbal -four on his head, one on his back and one on his left hand. A total of six blows he suffered but not so deep cut. He is out of danger and his mental condition is also fine,” Major General Munshi Md Mojibur Rahman, consultant surgeon general, Directorate General of Medical Services said.
Rahman said this to the journalists at a press briefing at the CMH administrative building in the cantonment of the capital.
In reply to a query, Munshi said, “There are four small attacks on his head, one on his back and one on his left hand. There injured areas have been properly treated.”
Asked about the attack has reacted to the skull, he said, “The attack has reached to the skin only. It cannot be called grievous attack. It is a head injury. His brain is fine. It can take a few days for his recovery.”
He also said, “They have scanned his whole body and his mental condition is fine. He is talking normally. He can understand various situations. He is co-operating us for treatment.”
The surgeon further said a five-member medical team has been formed for the improved treatment of Prof Zafar Iqbal. However, none is allowed to visit Zafar Iqbal for his quick recovery.
“Being attacked by miscreant, Zafar Iqbal was taken to the Osmany Hospital Sylhet. He then was brought to CMH Dhaka by helicopter following the directives of prime minister Sheikh Hasina for better treatment,” Munshi said.
He further said, “All the concerned doctors examine him after being admission at CHM at 11:58 pm. Instantly a medical team was formed. He is being treated intensively by the medical team. The team this morning examines him. He is now completely conscious and out of danger.”
“But the entry of the visitors is strictly being maintained for the sake of his quick recovery and spread of contagiousness. We seek cooperation of all in this regard,” he added.
Whether police has talked to him, he said, “It is not to meet him right now for the sake of treatment. Last night IGP and other came. We are not allowing others to meet him.”
He said, “Prof Zafar reached CMH 11:58pm. All specialists were present at CHM. As soon as he arrives here, we administered treatment instantly.”
“He is taking liquid food. There is no injury in his stomach,” the doctor said.
In reply to a query whether there is any plan to send the Professor abroad, Maj Gen Munshi said, “We are not saying anything about it right now. He can go next time for observation.”
Among others, prof Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Director General of health services, Brig Gen Md Mahbubur Rahman, commandant of CMH Dhaka, Brig Gen Md Mahbubur Rhaman, chief surgeon of CMH, Dhaka, Col Md Aminul Islam, Classified specialised in surgery, CHM Dhaka and Lt Col Md Aminur Rahman, classified specialist in intensivist, CMH, Dhaka, were present on the occasion.
Professor Yasmeen Haque, wife of Zafar Iqbal and some other teachers of SUST was present at the briefing.
Professor Yasmeen Haque told the journalists, “Zafar Iqbal himself phoned me saying he has been attacked on him. I am fine. I am being carried to hospital. I don’t want that you and my daughter get my news through television. So I call you. I am bleeding profusely. If I cannot speak later, I am telling you I am fine.”
“I asked him do you feel pain. He replied no, not that much. The pain is starting to increase. You don’t need to be worried. My daughter and I were crying. But he is fine,” she added.
She thanked prime minister Sheikh Hasina for her arrangement for shifting him to CMH Dhaka. “I cordially thank prime minister for her prompt action,” she added.
Quoting Zafar Iqbal, she said, “He told me to inform the students not to be agitated in the campus. I am grateful to the students who are listening to us.”
“Many persons are enraged for the incident. How did it happen? The incident has occurred unfortunately. Police is investigating it. Zafar Iqbal is fine. Doctors are taking good care here. I have full trust on medical treatment at CMH. It’s not that good treatment can be found outside only,” she added. – Staff Reporter