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1000 New Internet domains in 2013
Around 1,000 new internet domain names, such as Christmas and search, are to launch in 2013.
Just like Christmas coming early, a new internet domain name for all things festive could be among the first to go live in spring next year.
The domain .christmas is among the first wave of new internet addresses to rival and .com planned to launch in the first half of 2013.
Christmas shoppers will be browsing websites like or by this time next year if the new domain gets the go-ahead.
The body responsible for the rollout, ICANN, will hold a lottery draw in Los Angeles on Monday to decide which of the proposed new addresses will be the first to go live.
Multinational corporations and governments from around the world have scrambled to pick up highly sought after domains – including .islam, .news and .search – as part of the process that will change the face of the internet.
Little is known about the group of self-described domain name experts bidding for .Christmas under a company called Uniregistry.
However, the company`s publicly-available application form provides some clues on their plans for .Christmas.
It states: “Christmas deserves its own online space as a home for all meanings, activities, and services related to the holiday.
All of the wonderful uses of the internet in the support of the Christmas season will be enhanced by the .christmas generic top-level domain. When the top-level domain.
christmas is appended to the end of [a] website name, the site`s viewers will have an immediate context for the content about to be viewed. A registrant`s choice of .christmas as a top-level domain will provide a lens through which a viewer will see the associated content.”
Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer at the internet infrastructure firm Afilias, said .Christmas was a great example of how “dot Brand” is going to change the web.


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