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11 business firms, Govt Deptts face music for power bills default


The Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) has blacklisted and summoned 11 industries, commercial entities located at Shampur and Kajla areas and some individuals to appear before DPDC special task force on Monday, according sources in the DPDC.
The business establishments and individuals owe TK 1.5 crore to DPDC.
DPDC has given ultimatum also to the director of the department of disaster management and to the chairman of the National Housing Authority as the two govt. departments owe TK 24.25 crore to DPDC.Munir Chowdhury, chief of the special task force said that DPDC is now firm about realisation of the arrear electric bills. Electricity lines will be disconnected if any one fails to pay the fine plus one must face trial.
He said that DPDC has been deprived of the regular payment of electric bills because of the negligence of few govt. departments.
“DPDC will not hesitate to take stern action even against the govt. departments found responsible”, he said.
Foreman Ispat Industries, Shampur (TK 19.54 lakh), Ivy Textiles Mills Ltd., Shyampur (TK 16.20 lakh), Exham Pvt. Ltd., Kajla (26.44 lakh), M R Rubber Industries, Kajla (TK 12.75 lakh), Jessore Corporation Ltd. Kajla (11.31 lakh), Anwar Rice Mills, Kajla (11.23 lakh), Arshi Priting Press and Publication, Kajla (TK 9.24 lakh), Bhai Bhai Tradres, Kajla (TK 8.06 lakh), Cab Express (BD) Ltd., Kajla (TK 13.71 lakh) are in the list of private company bill defaulters.
A former government official counts TK 5 lakh for meter tempering in a residential house located at the Banasree area in Rampura.
He was fined as he stole electricity cunningly. The accused retired govt. official was a former tax commissioner and also the member of Tax Appeal Tribunal, sources said. – Staff Reporter


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