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11 killed as 2-storey house subsides, collapses in city


At least eleven people died as a two-storey temporary house subsided collapsed into a lake at Mirhajirbagh in Rampura on Wednesday.
The accident occured in the afternoon, when a lot of the dwellers left for work after lunch. Otherwise, a lot of people would have died, witnesses said.
At least 40 people were in the hut when it collapsed and half of them were still missing till Wednesday evening.One Jahangir Alam, said one Monir Mia had built the hut two years ago and rented it. He used to collect Tk 4,000 to 5,000 for each room. Mia is involved with the local Awami League and one of his brothers Tunu Mia was affiliated with the local BNP.
Readymade cloth worker Syed Ibrahim Ali lived in that hut with his wife, in-laws and three-brothers-in-law. He said that most of the inhabitants of the hut were garment workers.
Rescuers tried to remove the tin ceilings from the mud by cutting off the bamboo poles but failed. They later used cranes to remove the frame of the hut, which was floating.
Rampura Police SI Abdur Rashid said bodies of two men, aged between 25 and 30, and a woman were recovered around 4:45pm.
Nasrin Akter, sister of deceased ‘Runa’ and ‘Jakir’, said they had moved to a room of the lower storey last month and they were about to shift next month.
“The hut was so unstavle that it would shake when someone walked. We were very scared during the storm a few days ago.
“I was on the first floor when the accident occured. My husband Khokon, Runa and Jakir were on the lower storey,” she said. – News Desk


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