18 die of uterus cancer every day: study

18 die of uterus cancer every day: study


Nearly 20 thousand women are affected by uterus cancer every year in the country. Of the affected, around 18 die every day but deaths could be prevented with the diagnosis  at the primary stage.

Specialists said that the socio-economic situation and ignorance are major reasons for the cancer. Early marriage, frequent pregnancy, using unhygienic cloths during menstruation, malnutrition, unsafe sexual relations with many are some of the causes of the disease, they observed.

According to a survey, conducted by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), around 5.28 lakh women are affected by uterus cancer every year in the world. Of them, around 2.66 lakh women lose their lives due to the cancer. Besides, around 83,000 women of develop countries are affected by the disease every year afresh. Of them, around 26,000 women die due to the cancer. According to the survey, the uterus cancer is the second killer disease of the women in the world.

Another survey of National Cancer Registration in 2014 revealed that the percentage of uterus cancer in women is 17.9 in the country. One woman among five are suffering from uterus cancer.

Doctors said HPV virus is mostly responsible for the uterus cancer. But a woman could get relief from the disease after taking vaccine. They can take the vaccine from nine to 40 years. Besides, every woman should go for Pap test in every two years.

Professor Dr. Md Habibullha Talukder, head of Cancer Epidemiology Department of National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital, said shyness, hesitation, family status and ignorance of own body are pushing the female’s toward the deadly cancer disease.

We need to know about the reproductive health, he said adding that the woman should go for regular health checkup after marriage.

Besides, they need to be more aware about their health, he added.

Professor Dr Md Shamiul Alam Islam, director of Directorate General of Health Services, said the woman should go under health checkup after every six months. Women can get relief from the deadly disease if it is detected at the primary stage, he added, reports BSS.


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