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Backbone releases music video of ‘Valobashi Tomake’

Backbone releases music video of ‘Valobashi Tomake’

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Music video of a song titled ‘Valobashi Tomake’ has been released recently. ‘Backbone the Band’ released this video which is its second work. The first video of this band was released on 1st March 2018 with Band music express. However, vocal Eistiak Monsur (Nion), keyboardist Mahedi Hasan (Jibon), guitarist Shafiq Ahmed (Suzon) bass guitarist Sanjit and drummer Saadat Hossain (Bipu) are performing here, said a press release.
Vocal and band Leader of ‘Backbone the Band’, Nion said, we created this song with ballet types. This is our second work. Lyrics and tune was done by guitarist Shafiq Ahmed Suzon. I changed some tunes and chorus parts as well as I titled this song. It will be released on “3pin Entertainment” YouTube channel. I hope people will love this song.
He also said, this is just a beginning. We have fourteen more songs. We will publish them one after another. Backbone the Band is a passionate band from Rajshahi University. With the blessings of Almighty Allah and love with our seniors and juniors, we will do more better works. We have a Facebook page and a YouTube channel named “Backbone the Band”. I hope our friends and fans will like our pages just to keep us supporting and pray for us. Nowadays we are practicing for our regular shows and new compositions.
It is to be noted that Backbone band started its journey in 1990. The founder of the band was late Nahid Khan. The first line up of this band was Bass: Nahid, Vocal: Kamal, Lead Guitar: Justice and Farhad Khan, Drums: Masud, Keyboard: Sony. Now with the new line up-vocalist and band leader Eistak Monsur (Nion), keyboardist Mahedi Hasan Jibon, guitarist Shafiq Ahmed Suzon, bass guitarist Sanjit and drummer Saadat Hossain Bipu-the band is marching on.