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27 baby snakes killed in Rajshahi house


Dhaka – At least 27 baby snakes have been killed at a house in Rajshahi Budhpara area.House owner Majdar Ali said he spotted a baby snake in the floor of his mud house around 9:30 pm on Tuesday and beat it to death with a stick.Few minutes later, two more snakes came out of a hole in the house only to be killed in the similar fashion. As more snakes continued to come out of the hole, a frightened Majdar called his two brothers.Later, along with his two brothers, Majdar killed a total of 27 snakes one after another till 3 am of Wednesday.Majdar’s brother Saidar Ali said the snakes might have come out of the hole due to hot weather.He also feared that there might be some other snakes around.UNB news agency


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