3 Nordic embasies to be in a shared compound from July

3 Nordic embasies to be in a shared compound from July


The Embassies of Denmark, Norway and Sweden have decided to operate jointly from a new shared premises from July conveying a message that together they are stronger.

The new Nordic Embassy will be a strong platform for further expansion of the longstanding partnerships between the Nordic countries and Bangladesh, said a media note on Tuesday. The Danish and the Norwegian Embassies are already operating from the new premises. The Embassy of Sweden will be closed for visitors from July 1 to 12 and will operate from the new premises from July 13.

From July on, the three Embassies of Nordic countries in Dhaka will share resources and work together.

“The new Nordic Embassy will be one common representation and one common expression- together we are stronger,” the media not says.

Ambassador of Denmark Hanne Fugl Eskjær said on the move that the three Nordic countries are known worldwide as frontrunners when it comes to green technologies, innovation, and a sustainable approach to business and society as such. “The new Nordic Embassy will strengthen our joint efforts to promote and share these solutions with Bangladesh,” said the envoy.

Norwegian Ambassador Merete Lundemo said, “The Nordic countries have a longstanding tradition for cooperation, and a strong common brand. Joint Nordic Embassies are now being established in many countries to strengthen our cooperation in the foreign policy area.”

I’m very pleased that Bangladesh is one of the countries where we have successfully established a common structure for our representation, and look forward to making full use of it together with my colleagues.”

Ambassador of Sweden Johan Frisell said Denmark, Norway and Sweden share many parts of their culture, language, traditions, and society. “Our countries share similar democratic values, social welfare systems, gender equality policy, and export-oriented and trade focused economies.  Moving in together will be a great opportunity for us to work together as a Nordic Embassy.”- UNB


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