60% kidney diseases can be prevented by raising awareness

60% kidney diseases can be prevented by raising awareness


Speakers at a seminar yesterday said that where both the government and the private sector organizations cannot treat only five percent of kidney patients, it is possible to prevent at least 60 percent kidney diseases only by raising awareness among people in the SAARC countries including Bangladesh.
“It needs not spending money rather only to bring some changes in day to day life and practicing them very strictly,” they said.

The speakers urged the government to take special programme to raise awareness among people to prevent the disease across the country.

At least two crore of people are affected by any of the kidney related disease, at least 5 people die in every hour from kidney diseases, this disease is a harmful and so highly expensive for treatment that 5 percent of people can not run their treatment, they added.

Voluntary organization Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS) and Lions Club of Dhaka Pratiti jointly organized the seminar and free medical camp at the Ananta Garments at Elephant Road in city.

District Governor of Lions, Lion Swadesh Ranjan Saha attended the seminar as chief guest while Chief Consultant, Kidney Department, Lab Aid Specialised Hospital, Dhaka and Chairman of KAMPS, Prof. Dr. MA Samad keynote paper in the seminar.

Addressing as the chief guest, Swadesh Ranjan Saha said there have no alternative to government’s patronization in easing the kidney treatment for poor and general people as the treatment of this disease is highly expensive one.
He called upon the government to come forward in this regard and said side by side the government; the affluent class of people of the society would also have to think of the poor class of patients of the country.

He said Lions is the largest service oriented organization in the world and we the Lions provide services to the people as per their requirements spending our own resources.

President of Lions Club Dhaka Pratiti, Lion Shawkat Tasmin Chowdhury presided over the seminar and free medical camp while among others, former GM of Bangladesh Bank, Freedom Fighter Abdul Malek, Ist Vice President of Pratiti Club, Lion Sufia Begum, Regional Chairperson, District, Lion Harun Rashid, Cabainet Secretary, District, Lion Engr. Wahab also spoke on the occasion.
In the keynote paper Prof. Dr. MA Samad said the high risk of kidney disease can be prevented only through raising awareness among people.

He said 8 golden points are being highlighted today for prevention of kidney disease which are giving physical labour and doing regular exercise, controlling high blood pressure and diabetes, testing blood pressure regularly for controlling hidden HBP, taking hygienic food and keeping weight under control, drinking sufficient water, not taking any drug without doctor’s prescription and kidney screening regularly.

He said by following the eight golden ways strictly the risk of kidney diseases in people of all ages will be remarkably reduced.

“Diabetes, HBP, Glumeralo Nephritis, Obstruction in Urine Flow, Enlarged prostate, narrowing urinary track and taking drugs over the counter, smoking etc are vital reason for kidney diseases”, he added.

A team of expert physicians, and technicians provided treatment and lab test services among nearly 500 workers of the Ananta Garments and local people in the disciplines like Kidney, Heart, Dentistry, Eye and Medicine and ENT.


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