"Mian Dalan" in Jhenidah needs salvage 92 years of glory

“Mian Dalan” in Jhenidah needs salvage 92 years of glory


Jhenidah: The 92 years old historical “Mian Dalan” (Zamidar Bari) of Jhenidah can be a tourist spot. Local sources alleged ‘Zamdiar Bari’ (house of landlord) built by son of Zamidar Selim Chowdhrury, and one of the few relics of Jhenidah, is on the verge utter ruin for want of care.The inscription said the structure was built on 11 acres of land beside the Naboganga River in 1822 at Muraridah village, now four-kilometre off Jhenidah town. The inscription also added that this exquisite piece of architecture made of lime, brick-dust, wooden beams with slight use of iron, a symbol of love, took 7 years to be completed with a cost of then tk 75 thousand. After visited the area it was found that, from a verse (two portions missing) inscribed on the main entrance of the two-storey stately home comprising four units, some details about the castle could be known with the assistance of a man living nearby.
The building was named ‘Ashafunnesa Bhabon’ after the name of the founder Selim Chowdhury’s wife. Two graves of Selim Chowdhury and his wife can be found nearby. The house once would have streams of visitors from remote areas, who could not resist the temptation to have a glance of its delicate beauty. But with the passage of time, once attractive, this locally historical mansion has decayed a lot and its walls once glittering like mirrors have lost their illustration and developed cracks. Mizanur Rahman Firoj, one of the many owners of the building told this correspondent that on special occasions like 16 December, 21 February, 26 March, Pahela Boishakh, Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fitr thousands of visitors throng the premises for merriments.Years of carelessness and neglect have turned this desolate villa into an abode of titmouse and insects. – Mizanur Rahman


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