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7 killed in Mirpur blasts burned to death: Autopsy


Dhaka – All the seven bodies found at the den of suspected militant Abduallah in Mirpur were burnt to death following explosions igniting by them, according to the post-mortem physician.“All of them burnt to death…Bodies were charred in such a manner beyond recognition even to identify their gender. Only bodies of two children could be identified,” said Associate Professor Sohel Mahmud, head of forensic medicine department of Dhaka Medical College.
He said they recovered some splinters from the charred remains of the bodies. Portions of bones of the bodies were collected for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) test.
Prof Sohel, who conducted the post mortem of the charred bodies of Abdullah and his wives, children and associates, said they conducted the post-mortem from 1:10 pm to 1:45 pm.
The two other members of the post-mortem team are Kabir Sohel and Pradip Biswas.
Earlier, members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) recovered the skulls of seven people, including suspected militant Abdullah, two women and two children, from the suspected militant hideout in a building at Mazar Road in Mirpur in the city on Wednesday.
RAB officials said the explosives, which went off on Tuesday night, had been made of acid, petrol and chemicals and these completely destroyed the 3rd and 4th floors of the building.
Meanwhile, RAB yesterday detained Habibullah Bahar, owner of the building where there was an alleged den of militant and night guard Sirajul Islam.
A UD case has been filed with Darussalam police station, said sub-inspector Mahesh Chandra Singh.
He said Harun-or-Rashid of RAB filed the case yesterday.
In another development, RAB sources said the close relatives of Abdullah had refused to take him the body which is now at the DMCH mortuary. – Staff Reporter


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