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79 custodial deaths in six months, says HR body ASK


Dhaka – Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK), a legal aid and human rights organisation, Thursday published a report over the violation of human rights of the country. The report said at least seventy nine people were killed in police custody in the past six month.Expressing grave concern over the issue, the rights organization said they are worried over the recent ‘extrajudicial killings’ in the name of ‘so-called gunfight.’ They said at least 14 people were killed in crossfire in the month of June which is very unfortunate.
Criticising such types of acts of the law enforcers, they said these are very brutal incidents and a complete violation of human rights. At the same time they demanded the government to form a judicial probe committee to investigate into these killing incidents and take immediate steps to stop such heinous acts committed by the members of law enforcing agencies.
However, the rights organisation unveiled the report over the country’s human rights situation from January to June this year. It said they prepared the report based on the country’s leading daily news papers.
The report said over 60 people were killed in gunfight by the members of police, RAB, DB police BGB in last the six month. According to the victim family members and eye witnesses, the plain-cloths police detained over 50 people during the period. Of them the bodies of six people were recovered later, report said.
There were 811 incidents of political violence in the past six month where at least 154 people were killed and over ten thousand of people were injured in political violence, the report said.
At least five religious minorities were killed across the country in the last six month. The report said at least 74 journalists were oppressed in different ways in the past six month.
Besides, at least 12 people were killed and 17 people were injured at the country’s bordering area by the gunshot of BSF. At least 42 people have died in jail in the past six month, the report said.
Meanwhile, at least 306 women have been violated in different ways including rape in the past six months. Of them 20 women were killed after rape and 4 women committed suicide after violated. Over 140 women were killed by the family oppression, ASK report added. – Staff Reported


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