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Hajj flight will begin from August 4


Dhaka-The government has announced the schedule of Hajj flights and the first pre-hajj flight will begin from August 4.“Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines will carry the hajj passengers on the 50:50 ratio. A total of 1,01,758 persons will perform hajj this year. The last flight will left Dhaka for Saudi Arabia on September 5 with hajj pilgrims,” Rashed Khan Menon, minister for civil aviation and tourism told the reporters after an inter-ministerial meeting on hajj management held at the secretariat yesterday.
The Saudi Arabian Airlines will start to carry the hajj passengers from August 6.
Additional 5,000 Bangladeshis are likely to perform hajj this year too, he added.
The return flight (post hajj flight) will begin from September 17 and the last flight will fly to Dhaka from Saudi Arabia on October 16 with the hajis, the minister said.
“The Saudi Arabian General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has approved 112 dedicated pre-hajj flights and 32 schedule flights for Biman Bangladesh Airlines,” Menon said.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines will carry a total of 52,046 hajj pilgrims, while the Saudi Arabian Airlines will carry the remaining hajj passengers and three muallems will be in in every flight, the minister added.
The GACA has also approved 105 dedicated post hajj flights and 29 schedule flights for Biman Bangladesh airlines, Menon said.
“The short hajj package has been closed this year. The holy hajj is likely to be observed on September 10 (depending on moon sighting),” the civil aviation minister said.
The government has directed the concerned hajj passengers that they could carry only 46kgs of luggage during their return after performing hajj.
“Hajis cannot carry over 46 kgs in two luggage this year. Even, they cannot carry water of Zom Zom well this year. Hajis will collect it from the airport in Dhaka,” Menon said.
Among others, religious affairs minister Principal Motior Rahaman and other concerned high officials of the ministries attended the inter-ministerial meeting.-STAFF REPORTER


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