A code of conduct need for sitting & retired judges:Law minister

A code of conduct need for sitting & retired judges:Law minister



A code of conduct both for the sitting and retired judges of the Supreme Court is needed, Law Minister Anisul Huq has said yesterday.“The judges are honourable person. Their code of conduct should be decent as per their service as people could follow them,” the minister told reporters after a meeting with European delegation at the secretariat.

The law minister said he would discuss about the matter with Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha.

“We respect judges…never felt that such a law was needed. It seems that some judge’s behaviour looks indifference now. Considering the present situation, a code of conduct for the Supreme Court judges is needed,” Huq said.

The law minister’s comments come after a retired High Court judge Nazrul Islam Chowdhury has taken over as counsel for Mir Quasem even as he is currently on post-retirement leave on Wednesday.

As per Section 99 of Article 2A (1) of the Constitution, a judge of the High Court Division can practise as a lawyer in the Appellate Division after retirement.

Chowdhury went on retirement in December last year, who is still enjoying government’s facilities.

“It is Chief Justice’s responsibility to prepare a code of conduct for the judges. The government can only suggest the chief justice in this connection and it would be on behalf of the government,” the law minister said in reply to a query about the preparation of code of conduct.

About the discussion with the EU delegation, the minister said, “the EU against death penalty. They wanted to know whether such punishment can be repealed. But, I told them there is provision in our existing law and there is no scope to repeal the death punishment from the existing law.”

The government will consider to repeal the death penalty in formulating any law in future.

Referring recent law on food adulteration, the minister said, “there were provision death penalty in food adulteration law—but later the provision is dropped and prepared the draft incorporating life imprisonment and fine for money.”

The EU delegation also wanted to know about the trial of blogger killing, Huq assured the visiting team that the government will ensure fair trial in this regard.

“The government believes in freedom of speech. So, there will be no interruption against anyone in expression of their freedom speech from the government side,” the law minister said.

The people should remember that they should not violate the other’s sentiment during expression their freedom speech, the minister said.

When minister’s attention was drawn about the trial of journalist couple Sagaor-Runi killing, Huq replied, “You (journalists) keep the hope and me too—fair trial will be in this killing.”


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