A decade together

A decade together


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Opu Biswas and Shakib Khan, are fan favorites when it comes to on screen couples in Dhallywood. They have been working together for a decade already.

In 2006 they came together for the first time for the movie Koti Takar Kabin by director F I Manik.

The movie was the inception of the successes that were yet to come. The busy couple have been seen in hit movies like Chacchu, Pitar Ashon, Tor Karone Beche Achi, Priya Amar Jaan, and many more. This year, they have released only one movie as of yet – Raja 420, directed by Uttam Akash. The pair’s next movie is set to release all over the country this Eid.

The movie Shamrat will be their 72nd movie together and is directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz. Shakib Khan is looking forward to the endeavor and has even said that he wants to make the century with Opu Biswas as an on screen couple as soon as possible.


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