A dove's desired flight to nowhere

A dove’s desired flight to nowhere


The dove came from nowhere. As it started asserting its presence, making no mistake of letting know the likes and dislikes, pains and pleasures, happiness and distress, unfriendly environment and surrounding, and of course letting not ignore the attachment and nearness of the new found relationship. It’s difficult to be oblivious of such gestures, unequal though? But it’s a bird after all, can twitter and fly, has its own flock – its ultimate arena of unison. It’s natural, normal and universal. As soon as the War of Independence ended in’71, I did allow my caged dove out of the veritable jail. But it flew around and came back every day. I wanted it to fly away. One day I carried the dove away from our home and released it at a place half a kilometer away. It didn’t come back on day one, day two and finally I lost sight of it for ever. I wanted it to fly to freedom. But I still have deep pain in my mind it did not return. Abnormal, illlogical, impraticable as well as unsustainabe. Is not it?


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