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A snake catcher releases over 200 snakes


Snake charmers and catchers are famous for their bravery of securing the crawling reptile or taming them, but do you know what they do with these snakes later?
Well, as for the snake charmers they entertain masses and are often alleged to trick people by their weird trade. But what about the catchers, who are mostly called upon to capture the snakes mostly from domesticated lands and homes?A recent video claims to provide the answer. The video shows a man, probably a snake catcher releasing over 200 serpents from a big green sack. The introduction of the video uploaded on Youtube claims the man released 285 snakes, to be specific. And trust us the short video is quite eerie if not anything else.
The video shows the man, identified as Mohammad Salim, releasing the snakes in the deep woods of Panchmadhi forests in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. According to the video, Salim has been employed with a Bhopal civic body for around 30 years.
According to report by Newslions Media, Salim released another 60 poisonous serpents along with these 285 rat snakes. While letting the snakes get back to the wild, Salim and his aides ensure that no human habitation is around and are set free during evening as snakes prefer cooler places and temperature.
The popular snake catcher claims he has released over 2 lakh snakes so far into the woods as the reptiles are “not enemies.” Salim claims snakes are friends and also help farmers as they kill and eat rats that destroy crops. However, the IndianExpress.com could not independently verify Salim’s claims. -the Indian Express


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