'A Tale of An Old Town' semi-finalist in Los Angeles Cine festival

‘A Tale of An Old Town’ semi-finalist in Los Angeles Cine festival


From Zafor Firoze <zaforfiroze@gmail.com>
Chinese film A Tale of an Old Town is a semi-finalist for Los Angeles Cine festival 2017 and also selected by Johor Bahru International Writers and Film festival 2017 in Malaysia. This movie director Qiao Li is a film scholar, writer, director and producer. He has an M.A. from the University de Caen and a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Gloucestershire with expertise in Asian cinema. He is PhD supervisor and is also currently lecturing a for BA and MA in Digital film/TV. He is active in digital filmmaking with films, commercials and published feature film scripts. He has won a number of international awards for his films.
A man named Ci Tie returns to his hometown. Every step he takes on the once familiar street brings back memories. When night falls, a young lady mistakenly knocks on his hotel room door expecting her online date. She accepts Ci Tie’s invitation and entered his room instead. The attraction between them is intense and soon engages in a flirty banter. Despite her company, Ci Tie is apprehension that he is being surveilled. The following day, he slips onto the second floor of an old house and gazes at the bamboo forest through the window. The memory of a little girl from his childhood evokes. At night, in a bar, he encounters a woman, familiar yet mysterious, playing the Guqin (a seven-stringed zither without bridges). In short, the inexplicable ambience of his hometown and the unendurable hidden pain in his heart come into play as a tragedy from his childhood gradually unfolds. This movie’s Assistant director Zafor Firoze, DOP-Arvintharan Vallithan, Sound -Amiir
Arif bin Abdul Halim, Editor-Edwin L. Phil Tan, Actors- Sam Lock, Cheng Wen, Li Ya and others.


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