Aamir started smoking again

Aamir started smoking again


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For almost a year Aamir Khan stayed away from smoking but according to reports, the actor has given into the habit yet again. With his new film, Dangal set to hit theatres this December, Aamir ‘s anxiousness has led him to fall back on this ‘bad habit’ that supposedly kicks in everytime the actor has a film up for release. According to a leading daily, a source close to Amir said “Before every release, Aamir gets very nervous and starts smoking. It had happened during PK, Dhoom 3 and Talaash as well. Now that he has got into the pre-release phase, his nervousness has been growing.”

It has also been known that the actor isn’t allowed to smoke around his little son, Azad as the boy hates to see his dad holding a cigarette! Let’s hope Aamir is quick to kick the habit!


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