Fine for rubbernecking introduced in July last year

Abu Dhabi warns of Dhs1,000 fine for rubbernecking


Motorists in Abu Dhabi have been warned to avoid stopping their vehicles and staring at traffic accidents on the road.
In a message on Twitter, Abu Dhabi Police reminded motorists that rubbernecking (crowding at scene of accidents) can result in a Dhs1,000 fine.
It said that nine people were injured in an accident in Al Ain due to rubbernecking.

The UAE introduced the Dhs1,000 fine for rubbernecking as part of its new traffic regulations that came into effect in July 2017.
Officials said at the time that motorists were being penalised for rubbernecking because it causes traffic congestion and delays police, ambulance, or civil defence from reaching the accident site on time.
The emirate of Abu Dhabi issued more than four million fines last year for road and traffic rule violations.
Police said 199 people died and 149 were seriously injured in road traffic accidents last year.
The main reasons for road accidents were sudden manoeuvring, jumping red signals, tailgating and violating the lane discipline, officials stated. –ME website


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