Actress Bobita's house robbed by house helps

Actress Bobita’s house robbed by house helps


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Actress Bobita has fallen as the second victim of theft by house help. It has been reported that the two maid-servants of her house Pinki and Yasmin have gone missing since February 1. Pinki went off from Bobita’s home with Yasmin to send salaries to their village homes through bKash money transfer.

But no news has been heard about them since then. And soon afterwards Bobita realised that many of her valuables, ornaments and cash worth ten lac taka were missing.

Pinki’s ancestral home is in Sirajganj while Yasmin’s in Kishoreganj. The two were employed six months ago. Bobita thinks that the two have carefully done the job based on pre-plans. She has sent for inquiries at their homes. If this seems fruitless she will take the matter to the police. Six days prior to this incident actress Pori Moni’s home was robbed by house help who stole six lac taka.


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