Adnan Ashif's new song due for Pahela Baishakh

Adnan Ashif’s new song due for Pahela Baishakh


Cultural Correspondent
Singer Adnan Ashif has decided to release yet another song for free on YouTube. On the recent Valentine’s Day he released a song titled “Poster.” The singer has for long remained a dimming gem in the music industry. Starting with his bands nearly a decade ago the singer is yet to release a uniform album. All the songs till now have been written, tuned and voiced by him while Amjad Hossain has done the overall composition.However, two of his songs have already got more than 1.3 million YouTube views. The two songs were released in the last two years. The song Debi was released on Pahela Falgun in 2016 and Nirghum was released on Valentine’s Day in 2017. But Debi is the one that truly stands out among all the songs he has engineered. The song relating to grief-stricken-love has marked his signature style, the musician claims. Moreover, not only have these songs remained unreleased but also without any promotion or media marketing, claims Adnan. Thus 1.3 million is certainly a number to raise eyebrows, especially since the songs are both lyrical videos meaning there is no video not in the least any eye-catching skits.
Adnan Ashif has till now released six songs on YouTube. He is planning to release four more, one of which will be released on the coming Pahela Baishakh. Adnan is also prepping up for releasing his first solo album by the yearend with these songs. But apart from these he also made a song for the Bangladesh Cricket Board back in 2008.


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