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Afroza Abbas could not cast her vote


Afroza Abbas, wife of BNP-backed mayoral candidate Mirza Abbas for Dhaka South City Corporation, did not cast her vote as she had to rush to different polling stations after receiving complains that many polling agents of Abbas was being ousted from the polling centres.
“I have taken the decision not to cast my ballot, as many voters complained that they were not allowed to cast their votes. So, I decided no to cast my vote as well,” said Afroza Abbas while talking to reporters during her visit to different polling stations.Afroza said when she was taking preparation to go to Mirza Abbas Degree College polling centre at Shajahanpur to cast her vote, many polling agents came to her residence and alleged that they were forced out of the stations.
She alleged that she could not find a single polling agent of the election symbol of Mirza Abbas “mug” during her visit to about 50 polling stations
She said that she confronted some agents masquerading as Abbas’s agents but in reality they were ruling party men.
Afroza also alleged that at least nine of their agents were arrested from different polling stations.
The polling stations visited by Afroza Abbas, who carried out election campaign in favour of her husband, include Siddheshwari Girls School, Vikarunnessa School, Fakirerpool Primary School, Notredam College, Goran Adarsha School, Purba Goran Modinatul Ulum Madrasa, Shantinagar Lutfe Academy and RK Chowdhury High School and College.


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