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Agreement signed to set up Grameen microcredit in Shenzhen


Shenzhen – Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus addressed a gathering of political leaders, top business leaders, and academic at Shenzhen Citizen’s Centre.
Mr Bai Li Chen, Deputy Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a top ranking national leader of the Chinese Communist Party welcomed Professor Yunus to China. He said he is a long-time fan of Professor Yunus because he is always focused on the poor. In China leaders don’t use the word “poor”. Instead they talk about “vulnerable people”. Professor Yunus does not go in a round about way. He calls them poor and wants to bring their number to zero.  He explained that Yunus’s visit is very timely because China is trying to achieve inclusive finance and eliminate poverty. He was happy to see that Grameen China opening a branch in Shenzhen for its microcredit programme. He thanked P-to-P Company for working with Grameen China to bring financial services according to Professor Yunus’s advice.
Professor Yunus in his address explained why we need to create a new civilization by rediscovering ourselves as full human beings, and come out of the present one which is based on selfishness of people.
Mr Xu, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen in charge of finance, welcomed Professor Yunus on behalf the city and assured all assistance to the programme of Grameen China. He said Shenzhen is a dynamic city known for its friendliness to start-ups. More than 2000 online financial start-ups are in operation from Shenzhen.
Others who spoke at the opening session were: Director of Finance, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Founder and group chairman of Hepai online Zhang Kaiyong,  Chairman of Shenzhen Special economic Zone Finance association Dr Zhang Jianjun, Secretary General of Shenzhen Charity Federation, Fang Tao, Vice President and Secretary General of CIUR,  Wang Jianhua,
Professor Du Xiaoshan, father of Chinese microcredit, a long time promoter of Grameen Programmes in China, and a social activist,   spoke extensively in the Forum about the Chinese experience in microcredit. He has been appointed as the Adviser to Grameen China.
Mr Zhang Kaiyong, founder and group chairman of Hepai Online, a multi-billion dollar company, signed the agreement in the presence of all the dignitaries, on behalf of the company, with Grameen China to finance the Grameen China branch for Shenzhen city.
He also hosted a dinner in honor of Professor Yunus which was attended by important citizens of the city. He explained Shenzhen, which is located close to Hong Kong, has become one of the economic power houses of China. It is time that it pays attention to the disadvantaged people in the city.  Earlier to the opening of the Forum Professor Yunus was taken to the heart of business district to visit the Grameen China head office in China. – Yunus Centre press


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