Air India plane makes emergency landing

Air India plane makes emergency landing


An Air India flight from Hyderabad made an emergency landing after smoke was detected coming out from its undercarriage in Mumbai on Monday morning, official sources said.

No one was injured in the incident which occurred after flight AI 620, carrying 120 passengers and six crew members, landed at the Mumbai airport at around 0720 hours.
The flight AI-620 had 120 passengers on board who were immediately evacuated by deploying chutes from the aircraft.
The prompt measures by the concerned authorities prevented a potential disaster and the plane was towed away for repairs.
An Air India spokesperson said as the flight was taxiing towards the bay after landing, the pilot suspected smoke emanating from the engine. Immediately, the pilot called for emergency evacuation and chutes were deployed to move passengers and crew out of the plane.
According to him, on preliminary inspection of the aircraft no problem was detected in the engine or the landing gear. Tyre burst has also been ruled out, he added. Further inspection is on to ascertain the reason that led to the emergency evacuation.
The main runway of the airport was shut after the incident, which caused heavy congestion.
Due to the main runway closure, all the arrivals and departures at the Mumbai Airport are delayed by 30 minutes, report agencies.


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