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AL-backed candidates elected in lack-lustre polls


Awami League-backed candidates Sayeed Khokon, Annisul Huq and AJM Nasir were unofficially elected mayors of three major city corporations in Dhaka and Chittagong in Tuesday’s elections amid boycott by pro-BNP contenders.
Before the boycott was announced by the Bnp-backed candidates the voters in the two cities already knew what was happening. Some polling stations were captured to stuff ballot papers with seals, in others booths were used to rig votes.
Bnp-backed candidates found it tough to organise vote camps in the polling centres as selected or potential polling agents politely declined to do the job for threat of arrest or physical attack from opponent candidates and their activists at different wards and mahallas of the two cities.
In some polling centres like the Suritola Primary School and Khilgaon high school activists AL-backed candidates drove away those of Bnp-backed candidates. Sticks and pistols were used in the attacks. At Suritola Primary School Bnp-backed activists became restive as they came to know that voting was over even before the polling formally started. Subsequently Al-backed candidates took control, and then police.Arrest of supporters and activists of Bnp-backed candidates continued even till Monday evening. Prominent among the arrestees on Monday morning was a retired brigadier general of the Bangladesh Army. Brig. Gen Refayetullah was arrested from near the Kalachandpour Primary School, locals said.
Arrest of activists of candidates from their homes was a common scene.
Most newspapers in Dhaka have reported the election with the note of reservation. Same was the reaction given by the foreign diplomatic corps in Dhaka
Annisul Huq was unofficially elected mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), while Sayeed Khokon of Dhaka South city Corporation (DSCC) and AJM Nasir Uddin of Chittagong City Corporation (CCC).
In the DNCC, Annisul polled 4, 60,117 votes while Tabith got 3, 25, 080 votes, according to results came from all the 1093 centers.
Returning officer M Shah Alam announced the results at Bangabandhu International conference centre.
Sayeed Khokon polled 5,35,296 votes while Mirza Abbasa received 2,94,291 votes, according to results came from the 886 centers out of 889. Results of three centers were not announced as voting at those centers were suspended due to various irregularities.
Returning Officer Mihir Sarwar Morshed announced the results at his Gulistan’s Mahanagar Natyamancha office.
In the CCC, Nasir got 4,75,361 votes while Manjur polled 3,04,837votes, according to results came from all the 719 centers.
Returning officer Abdul Baten announced the results at the makeshift control room of the Election Commission set up at the gymnasium of MA Aziz stadium.
Earlier, the voting in the three city corporations was completed amid the allegations of capturing polling stations, large-scale rigging and intimidation that prompted the pro-BNP candidates to boycott the polls.


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